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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The relationship between fear of childbirth and women’s knowledge about painless childbirth
M Aksoy, AN Aksoy, A Dostbil, MG Celik, I Ince
Obstetrics and gynecology international 2014, 2019
Decreased incidence of headache after unintentional dural puncture in patients with cesarean delivery administered with postoperative epidural analgesia
M Cesur, HA Alici, AF Erdem, F Silbir, M Celik
Journal of anesthesia 23 (1), 31-35, 2009
Acupuncture decreases matrix metalloproteinase-2 activity in patients with migraine
Y Cayir, G Ozdemir, M Celik, H Aksoy, Z Akturk, E Laloglu, F Akcay
Acupuncture in Medicine 32 (5), 376-380, 2014
Pre-emptive peritonsillar dexamethasone vs. levobupivacaine infiltration for relief of post-adenotonsillectomy pain in children: a controlled clinical study
A Dostbil, M Celik, O Yoruk, HA Alıcı, AF Erdem, İ İnce, A Ahiskalıoglu
International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology 78 (9), 1467-1471, 2014
Sedation and analgesia in intensive care: a comparison of fentanyl and remifentanil
F Cevik, M Celik, PM Clark, C Macit
Pain research and treatment 2011, 2011
The effect of pre-emptive intravenous Dexketoprofen+ thoracal epidural analgesia on the chronic post-thoracotomy pain
M Comez, M Celik, A Dostbil, M Aksoy, A Ahiskalioglu, AF Erdem, Y Aydin, ...
International journal of clinical and experimental medicine 8 (5), 8101, 2015
Is infusion of subhypnotic propofol as effective as dexamethasone in prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting related to laparoscopic cholecystectomy? A randomized …
M Celik, A Dostbil, M Aksoy, I Ince, A Ahiskalioglu, M Comez, AF Erdem
BioMed research international 2015, 2015
Continuous ultrasound guided erector spinae plane block for the management of chronic pain.
A Ahiskalioglu, HA Alici, B Ciftci, M Celik, O Karaca
Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine 38 (4), 395, 2019
The use of ultrasound in planned cesarean delivery under spinal anesthesia for patients having nonprominent anatomic landmarks
M Ekinci, HA Alici, A Ahiskalioglu, I Ince, M Aksoy, EC Celik, A Dostbil, ...
Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 37, 82-85, 2017
Is high volume lumbar erector spinae plane block an alternative to transforaminal epidural injection? Evaluation with MRI
M Celik, S Tulgar, A Ahiskalioglu, F Alper
Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, 2019
Maternal and neonatal effects of adding morphine to low‑dose bupivacaine for epidural labor analgesia
A Dostbil, M Celik, HA Alici, AF Erdem, M Aksoy, A Ahiskalioglu
Nigerian journal of clinical practice 17 (2), 205-211, 2014
Transdiaphragmatic approach to liver and lung hydatid cysts
Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences 42 (Sup. 2), 1388-1393, 2012
High volume single injection lumbar erector spinae plane block provides effective analgesia for lower extremity herpes zoster.
HA Alici, A Ahiskalioglu, ME Aydin, EO Ahiskalioglu, M Celik
Journal of clinical anesthesia 54, 136, 2019
The double-edged sword: effects of pregabalin on experimentally induced sciatic nerve transection and crush injury in rats
M Celik, A Kose, D Kose, E Karakus, E Akpinar, M Calik, A Dostbil, ...
International Journal of Neuroscience 125 (11), 845-854, 2015
Anaesthesia techniques for caesarean operations: retrospective analysis of last decade
M Aksoy, AN Aksoy, A Dostbil, MG Çelik, A Ahıskalıoğlu
Turkish journal of anaesthesiology and reanimation 42 (3), 128, 2014
The effects of different doses of caudal morphine with levobupivacaine on postoperative vomiting and quality of analgesia after circumcision
A Dostbil, MG Celik, M Aksoy, A Ahiskalioglu, EC Celik, HA Alici, I Ozbey
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 42 (2), 234-238, 2014
Erector spinae plane block for bilateral lumbar transverse process fracture in emergency department: a new indication
A Ahiskalioglu, AO Kocak, O Doymus, E Sengun, M Celik, HA Alici
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine 36 (10), 1927. e3-1927. e4, 2018
Comparative investigation of protective effects of metyrosine and metoprolol against ketamine cardiotoxicity in rats
A Ahiskalioglu, I Ince, M Aksoy, EO Ahiskalioglu, M Comez, A Dostbil, ...
Cardiovascular toxicology 15 (4), 336-344, 2015
Ultrasound guided serratus plane block for management of acute thoracic herpes zoster.
A Ahiskalioglu, HA Alici, AM Yayik, M Celik, AE Oral
Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine 36 (5), 323, 2017
Does montelukast have an effect on post-tonsillectomy pain control in children? A randomized trial study
I Ince, O Yoruk, A Ahiskalioglu, M Aksoy, A Dostbil, M Celik
Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery 153 (2), 269-274, 2015
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