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Jonathan Zuegel
Jonathan Zuegel
Univ. of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Direct-drive inertial confinement fusion: A review
RS Craxton, KS Anderson, TR Boehly, VN Goncharov, DR Harding, ...
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Petawatt and exawatt class lasers worldwide
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5? Hz,> 250? mJ optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier at 1053? nm
V Bagnoud, IA Begishev, MJ Guardalben, J Puth, JD Zuegel
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High-conversion-efficiency optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification system using spatiotemporally shaped pump pulses
LJ Waxer, V Bagnoud, IA Begishev, MJ Guardalben, J Puth, JD Zuegel
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Independent phase and amplitude control of a laser beam by use of a single-phase-only spatial light modulator
V Bagnoud, JD Zuegel
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High-contrast optical-parametric amplifier as a front end of high-power laser systems
C Dorrer, IA Begishev, AV Okishev, JD Zuegel
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Laser challenges for fast ignition
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Design and analysis of binary beam shapers using error diffusion
C Dorrer, JD Zuegel
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OMEGA EP high-energy petawatt laser: progress and prospects
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Distributed waveform generator: A new circuit technique for ultra-wideband pulse generation, shaping and modulation
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Nature 565 (7741), 581-586, 2019
Optical testing using the transport-of-intensity equation
C Dorrer, JD Zuegel
Optics express 15 (12), 7165-7175, 2007
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