Didier Georges
Didier Georges
Professor, Grenoble Institute of Engineering & Management (Grenoble INP) / Univ. Grenoble Alpes
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The use of observability and controllability gramians or functions for optimal sensor and actuator location in finite-dimensional systems
D Georges
Proceedings of 1995 34th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 4, 3319-3324, 1995
Robust continuous-time and discrete-time flow control of a dam–river system.(I) Modelling
X Litrico, D Georges
Applied mathematical modelling 23 (11), 809-827, 1999
Inter-area oscillation damping with power system stabilizers and synchronized phasor measurements
AF Snyder, N Hadjsaïd, D Georges, L Mili, AG Phadke, O Faucon, S Vitet
POWERCON'98. 1998 International Conference on Power System Technology …, 1998
Modeling and control of an eddy current brake
E Simeu, D Georges
Control Engineering Practice 4 (1), 19-26, 1996
Delayed-input wide-area stability control with synchronized phasor measurements and linear matrix inequalities
AF Snyder, D Ivanescu, N HadjSaid, D Georges, T Margotin
2000 Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting (Cat. No. 00CH37134) 2, 1009-1014, 2000
Remote stabilization via communication networks with a distributed control law
E Witrant, C Canudas-de-Wit, D Georges, M Alamir
IEEE Transactions on Automatic control 52 (8), 1480-1485, 2007
Optimal control of complex irrigation systems via decomposition-coordination and the use of augmented Lagrangian
HE Fawal, D Georges, G Bornard
SMC'98 Conference Proceedings. 1998 IEEE International Conference on Systems …, 1998
Asymptotic state prediction for continuous-time systems with delayed input and application to control
G Besancon, D Georges, Z Benayache
2007 European control conference (ECC), 1786-1791, 2007
Robust fault-tolerant control for descriptor systems
B Marx, D Koenig, D Georges
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 49 (10), 1869-1876, 2004
Nonlinear control of open-channel water flow based on collocation control model
JF Dulhoste, D Georges, G Besançon
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 130 (3), 254-266, 2004
Robust continuous-time and discrete-time flow control of a dam–river system.(II) Controller design
X Litrico, D Georges
Applied Mathematical Modelling 23 (11), 829-846, 1999
Robust fault diagnosis for linear descriptor systems using proportional integral observers
B Marx, D Koenig, D Georges
42nd IEEE International Conference on Decision and Control (IEEE Cat. No …, 2003
Automatique pour la gestion des ressources en eau
D Georges, X Litrico
hermes, 2002
A robust damping controller for power systems using linear matrix inequalities
AF Snyder, AE Mohammed, D Georges, T Margotin, N Hadjsdid, L Mili
IEEE Power Engineering Society. 1999 Winter Meeting (Cat. No. 99CH36233) 1 …, 1999
Direct observer design for leak detection and estimation in pipelines
G Besançon, D Georges, O Begovich, C Verde, C Aldana
2007 European Control Conference (ECC), 5666-5670, 2007
Decentralized adaptive control for a water distribution system
G Georges
Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Conference on Control Applications 2, 1411-1416, 1994
A collocation model for water-hammer dynamics with application to leak detection
L Torres, G Besancon, D Georges
2008 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 3890-3894, 2008
Optimal sensor and actuator location for descriptor systems using generalized gramians and balanced realizations
B Marx, D Koenig, D Georges
Proceedings of the 2004 American Control Conference 3, 2729-2734, 2004
Remote output stabilization under two channels time-varying delays
E Witrant, C Canudas-de-Wit, D Georges
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 36 (19), 135-140, 2003
Examples of pipeline monitoring with nonlinear observers and real-data validation
L Torres, G Besançon, D Georges, A Navarro, O Begovich
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