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David W Graham
David W Graham
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Noble gas isotope geochemistry of mid-ocean ridge and ocean island basalts: Characterization of mantle source reservoirs
DW Graham
Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 47 (1), 247-317, 2002
Erosion of lithospheric mantle beneath the East African Rift system: geochemical evidence from the Kivu volcanic province
T Furman, D Graham
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Lead and helium isotope evidence from oceanic basalts for a common deep source of mantle plumes
BB Hanan, DW Graham
Science 272 (5264), 991-995, 1996
Seismic and geochemical evidence for large-scale mantle upwelling beneath the eastern Atlantic and western and central Europe
KAJ Hoernle, YS Zhang, D Graham
Nature 374 (6517), 34-39, 1995
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PJ Michael, CH Langmuir, HJB Dick, JE Snow, SL Goldstein, DW Graham, ...
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Carbon and oxygen isotopic disequilibria of recent deep-sea benthic foraminifera
DW Graham, BH Corliss, ML Bender, LD Keigwin Jr
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G Klinkhammer, DT Heggie, DW Graham
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Y Chen, Y Zhang, D Graham, S Su, J Deng
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P Burnard, D Graham, G Turner
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P Sarda, D Graham
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DW Graham, ML Bender, DF Williams, LD Keigwin Jr
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Observational and theoretical studies of the dynamics of mantle plume–mid‐ocean ridge interaction
G Ito, J Lin, D Graham
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He, Pb, Sr and Nd isotope constraints on magma genesis and mantle heterogeneity beneath young Pacific seamounts
DW Graham, A Zindler, MD Kurz, WJ Jenkins, R Batiza, H Staudigel
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Correlated geophysical, geochemical, and volcanological manifestations of plume‐ridge interaction along the Galápagos Spreading Center
RS Detrick, JM Sinton, G Ito, JP Canales, M Behn, T Blacic, B Cushman, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 3 (10), 1-14, 2002
Mantle Plume Helium in Submarine Basalts from the Galápagos Platform
D Graham, D Christie, K Harpp, J Lupton
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Hydrothermal activity at the Trans‐Atlantic Geotraverse hydrothermal field, Mid‐Atlantic Ridge crest at 26° N
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JJ Mahoney, DW Graham, DM Christie, KTM Johnson, LS Hall, ...
Journal of Petrology 43 (7), 1155-1176, 2002
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