Yeonsook Heo
Yeonsook Heo
Associate Professor, School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Korea University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Calibration of building energy models for retrofit analysis under uncertainty
Y Heo, R Choudhary, GA Augenbroe
Energy and Buildings 47, 550-560, 2012
MPC-based appliance scheduling for residential building energy management controller
C Chen, J Wang, Y Heo, S Kishore
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 4 (3), 1401-1410, 2013
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W Tian, Y Heo, P De Wilde, Z Li, D Yan, CS Park, X Feng, G Augenbroe
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 93, 285-301, 2018
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Y Heo, VM Zavala
Energy and Buildings 53, 7-18, 2012
Sensitivity analysis methods for building energy models: Comparing computational costs and extractable information
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Energy and Buildings 133, 433-445, 2016
Unit-related factors that affect nursing time with patients: Spatial analysis of the time and motion study
A Hendrich, MP Chow, S Bafna, R Choudhary, Y Heo, BA Skierczynski
HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal 2 (2), 5-20, 2009
Bayesian calibration of building energy models for energy retrofit decision-making under uncertainty
Y Heo
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011
Uncertainty quantification of microclimate variables in building energy models
Y Sun, Y Heo, M Tan, H Xie, CF Jeff Wu, G Augenbroe
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Scalable methodology for large scale building energy improvement: Relevance of calibration in model-based retrofit analysis
Y Heo, G Augenbroe, D Graziano, RT Muehleisen, L Guzowski
Building and Environment 87, 342-350, 2015
Evaluation of Calibration Efficacy under Different Levels of Uncertainty
Y Heo, D Graziano, L Guzowski, RT Muehleisen
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MC Burkhart, Y Heo, VM Zavala
Energy and Buildings 75, 189-198, 2014
Exergy analysis of a hybrid ground-source heat pump system
K Menberg, Y Heo, W Choi, R Ooka, R Choudhary, M Shukuya
Applied Energy 204, 31-46, 2017
Quantitative risk management for energy retrofit projects
Y Heo, G Augenbroe, R Choudhary
Journal of Building Performance Simulation 6 (4), 257-268, 2013
A modeling approach for estimating the impact of spatial configuration on nurses’ movement
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A predictive model for computing the influence of space layouts on nurses' movement in hospital units
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Risk analysis of energy-efficiency projects based on Bayesian calibration of building energy models
Y Heo, G Augenbroe, R Choudhary
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Exploration of the Bayesian Network framework for modelling window control behaviour
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Building and Environment 126, 318-330, 2017
Exploring the impact of different parameterisations of occupant-related internal loads in building energy simulation
R Ward, R Choudhary, Y Heo, A Rysanek
Energy and Buildings 123, 92-105, 2016
Uncertainty quantification of microclimate variables in building energy simulation
Y Sun, Y Heo, H Xie, M Tan, J Wu, G Augenbroe
12th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference …, 2011
HVAC design informed by organizational simulation
Z Li, Y Heo, G Augenbroe
Proceedings of the Eleventh International IBPSA Conference, 2009
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