George Stavrakakis
George Stavrakakis
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Wind power forecasting using advanced neural networks models
GN Kariniotakis, GS Stavrakakis, EF Nogaret
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A general simulation algorithm for the accurate assessment of isolated diesel-wind turbines systems interaction. I. A general multimachine power system model
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A multi-objective decision model for the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings
C Diakaki, E Grigoroudis, N Kabelis, D Kolokotsa, K Kalaitzakis, ...
Energy 35 (12), 5483-5496, 2010
Advanced fuzzy logic controllers design and evaluation for buildings’ occupants thermal–visual comfort and indoor air quality satisfaction
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D Kolokotsa, A Pouliezos, G Stavrakakis, C Lazos
Building and Environment 44 (9), 1850-1863, 2009
Real time fault monitoring of industrial processes
AD Pouliezos, GS Stavrakakis
Springer Science & Business Media, 2013
Reinforcement learning for energy conservation and comfort in buildings
K Dalamagkidis, D Kolokotsa, K Kalaitzakis, GS Stavrakakis
Building and environment 42 (7), 2686-2698, 2007
Decision support methodologies on the energy efficiency and energy management in buildings
D Kolokotsa, C Diakaki, E Grigoroudis, G Stavrakakis, K Kalaitzakis
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Classification of washing machines vibration signals using discrete wavelet analysis for feature extraction
SK Goumas, ME Zervakis, GS Stavrakakis
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D Kolokotsa, K Niachou, V Geros, K Kalaitzakis, GS Stavrakakis, ...
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Genetic algorithms optimized fuzzy controller for the indoor environmental management in buildings implemented using PLC and local operating networks
D Kolokotsa, GS Stavrakakis, K Kalaitzakis, D Agoris
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 15 (5), 417-428, 2002
Sustainable energy planning based on a stand-alone hybrid renewableenergy/hydrogen power system: Application in Karpathos island, Greece
GP Giatrakos, TD Tsoutsos, PG Mouchtaropoulos, GD Naxakis, ...
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Review on methodologies for energy benchmarking, rating and classification of buildings
T Nikolaou, D Kolokotsa, G Stavrakakis
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On the application of clustering techniques for office buildings' energy and thermal comfort classification
TG Nikolaou, DS Kolokotsa, GS Stavrakakis, ID Skias
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 3 (4), 2196-2210, 2012
Design and installation of an advanced EIB™ fuzzy indoor comfort controller using Matlab™
D Kolokotsa, G Saridakis, A Pouliezos, GS Stavrakakis
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A general simulation algorithm for the accurate assessment of isolated diesel-wind turbines systems interaction. Part II: Implementation of the algorithm and case-studies with …
GN Kariniotakis, GS Stavrakakis
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Modeling and identification of diesel-wind turbines systems for wind penetration assessment
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T Nikolaou, I Skias, D Kolokotsa, G Stavrakakis
Energy and Buildings 41 (12), 1409-1416, 2009
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