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Nicolas Pichot
Nicolas Pichot
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
COVID-19: A Boon or a Bane for Creativity?
M Mercier, F Vinchon, N Pichot, E Bonetto, N Bonnardel, F Girandola, ...
Frontiers in psychology 11, 601150, 2021
Enhancing collaborative creativity with virtual dynamic personas
N Bonnardel, N Pichot
Applied ergonomics 82, 102949, 2020
The paradox of creativity
E Bonetto, N Pichot, JB Pavani, J Adam-Troïan
New Ideas in Psychology 60, 100820, 2021
Creative individuals are social risk-takers: Relationships between creativity, social risk-taking and fear of negative evaluations
E Bonetto, N Pichot, JB Pavani, J Adam-Troïan
Creativity. Theories–Research-Applications 7 (2), 309-320, 2021
The construct validity of creativity: empirical arguments in favor of novelty as the basis for creativity
N Pichot, E Bonetto, JB Pavani, T Arciszewski, N Bonnardel, ...
Creativity Research Journal 34 (1), 2-13, 2022
From explicit to implicit theories of creativity and back: The relevance of naive criteria in defining creativity
R Weisberg, N Pichot, E Bonetto, JB Pavani, T Arciszewski, N Bonnardel
The Journal of Creative Behavior 55 (3), 839-856, 2021
Immersive Virtual Environments’ Impact on Individual and Collective Creativity
S Bourgeois-Bougrine, N Bonnardel, JM Burkhardt, B Thornhill-Miller, ...
European Psychologist, 2022
The role of cultural values in national-level innovation: Evidence from 106 countries
E Bonetto, N Pichot, J Adam-Troïan
Cross-Cultural Research 56 (4), 307-322, 2022
The normative features of creativity: creative individuals are judged to be warmer and more competent
E Bonetto, N Pichot, F Girandola, N Bonnardel
The Journal of Creative Behavior 55 (3), 649-660, 2021
Enhancing Collaborative Creativity: Towards a New User-Centered Design Method, the Dynamic Persona Method
N Pichot, N Bonnardel
Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association …, 2019
Creativity in emergency settings
E Bonetto, JB Pavani, G Dezecache, N Pichot, T Guiller, M Simoni, ...
Creativity Research Journal 36 (2), 365-377, 2024
Development and validation of hierarchically structured questionnaire of approach and avoidance motivation: Validation of the hierarchical reinforcement sensitivity theory of …
C Moncel, A Osmont, JB Pavani, N Pichot, B Dauvier
Personality and Individual Differences 207, 112144, 2023
Social Representations Theory in Creativity Research
E Bonetto, N Pichot, GL Monaco, F Girandola, N Bonnardel
European Psychologist, 2022
Toward a general factor of disruptiveness: the most novel creative objects tend to be the least valuable and feasible ones
N Pichot, E Bonetto, T Arciszewski, N Bonnardel, JB Pavani
PsyArXiv, 2021
Boosting Scientific Creativity Among Researchers: How Efficient are Creativity Trainings?
E Bonetto, T Arciszewski, N Pichot, JB Pavani, T Guiller, F Girandola, ...
PsyArXiv, 2023
La dissonance expressive un éveil physiologique négatif
J Daga, V Fointiat, N Pichot
OSF, 2023
Creativity on Our Plates: Measuring Creativity in Cooking
N Pichot, E Bonetto
Consumer Research Methods in Food Science, 235-244, 2023
Chapitre 29. Innovations individuelles et collectives en situations de crise: cas de l’innovation participative à l’université pendant la crise de Covid-19
S Bourgeois-Bougrine, N Bonnardel, F Girandola, É Bonetto, N Pichot, ...
La créativité en situations, 368-375, 2023
Créativité et cognition
M Botella, N Pichot, E Volle, M Cassotti, T Lubart, N Bonnardel
La créativité en situations: Théories et applications, 2023
The Structure of Creative Revolutions
E Bonetto, N Pichot, T Guiller, T Arciszewski
Creativity. Theories–Research-Applications 10 (1-2), 41-49, 2022
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