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Bryan Szeglin, MD
Bryan Szeglin, MD
Johns Hopkins Medicine
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A rectal cancer organoid platform to study individual responses to chemoradiation
K Ganesh, C Wu, KP O’Rourke, BC Szeglin, Y Zheng, CEG Sauvé, ...
Nature medicine 25 (10), 1607-1614, 2019
Test–retest reliability of freesurfer measurements within and between sites: Effects of visual approval process
Z Iscan, TB Jin, A Kendrick, B Szeglin, H Lu, M Trivedi, M Fava, ...
Human brain mapping 36 (9), 3472-3485, 2015
Mismatch repair–deficient rectal cancer and resistance to neoadjuvant chemotherapy
A Cercek, G Dos Santos Fernandes, CS Roxburgh, K Ganesh, S Ng, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 26 (13), 3271-3279, 2020
SMAD4 loss in colorectal cancer patients correlates with recurrence, loss of immune infiltrate, and chemoresistance
I Wasserman, LH Lee, S Ogino, MR Marco, C Wu, X Chen, J Datta, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 25 (6), 1948-1956, 2019
MASTL induces Colon Cancer progression and Chemoresistance by promoting Wnt/β-catenin signaling
SB Uppada, S Gowrikumar, R Ahmad, B Kumar, B Szeglin, X Chen, ...
Molecular cancer 17, 1-15, 2018
A claudin-based molecular signature identifies high-risk, chemoresistant colorectal cancer patients
S Gowrikumar, M Primeaux, K Pravoverov, C Wu, BC Szeglin, CEG Sauve, ...
Cells 10 (9), 2211, 2021
Colorectal cancer develops inherent radiosensitivity that can be predicted using patient-derived organoids
KS Hsu, M Adileh, ML Martin, V Makarov, J Chen, C Wu, S Bodo, ...
Cancer research 82 (12), 2298-2312, 2022
Evaluating the Validity of the Clavien–Dindo Classification in Colectomy Studies: A 90-Day Cost of Care Analysis
M Widmar, M Keskin, PD Strombom, RL Gennarelli, BC Szeglin, JJ Smith, ...
Diseases of the Colon & Rectum 64 (11), 1426-1434, 2021
A SMAD4‐modulated gene profile predicts disease‐free survival in stage II and III colorectal cancer
BC Szeglin, C Wu, MR Marco, HS Park, Z Zhang, B Zhang, ...
Cancer Reports 5 (1), e1423, 2022
Genomic stratification beyond Ras/B‐Raf in colorectal liver metastasis patients treated with hepatic arterial infusion
JJ Smith, WK Chatila, F Sanchez‐Vega, J Datta, LC Connell, BC Szeglin, ...
Cancer Medicine 8 (15), 6538-6548, 2019
KRAS mutant rectal cancer cells interact with surrounding fibroblasts to deplete the extracellular matrix
JK Kim, MR Marco, SH Choi, X Qu, CT Chen, M Elkabets, L Fairchild, ...
Molecular Oncology 15 (10), 2766-2781, 2021
A rectal cancer model establishes a platform to study individual responses to chemoradiation
K Ganesh, C Wu, KP O’Rourke, M Adileh, BC Szeglin, I Wasserman, ...
bioRxiv, 640193, 2019
Pioneering use of genetic analysis for CDH1 to identify candidates for prophylactic total gastrectomy to prevent hereditary diffuse gastric cancer
F Mokhtari-Esbuie, B Szeglin, MR Ravari, M Duncan, JW Harmon
Egastroenterology 1 (2), 2023
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