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Usha Nair-Reichert
Usha Nair-Reichert
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Causality Tests for Cross-Country Panels: New Look at FDI and Economic Growth in Developing Countries
U Nair-Reichert, D Weinhold
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 63 (2), 153-172, 2001
International and domestic constraints on political business cycles in OECD economies
WR Clark, UN Reichert, SL Lomas, KL Parker
International Organization 52 (1), 87-120, 1998
Empowering women through ICT-based business initiatives: An overview of best practices in e-commerce/e-retailing projects
S Maier, U Nair-Reichert
Information Technologies & International Development 4 (2), pp. 43–60, 2007
Investments in modernization, innovation and gains in productivity: Evidence from firms in the global paper industry
V Ghosal, U Nair-Reichert
Research Policy 38 (3), 536-547, 2009
Innovation, inequality and intellectual property rights
D Weinhold, U Nair-Reichert
World Development 37 (5), 889-901, 2009
Innovation, inequality and intellectual property rights
D Weinhold, U Nair-Reichert
World Development 37 (5), 889-901, 2009
How effective are trade barriers? An empirical analysis of trade reduction, diversion, and compression
JD Haveman, U Nair-Reichert, JG Thursby
Review of Economics and Statistics 85 (2), 480-485, 2003
Affirmative action: perspectives from the United States, India and Brazil
T Boston, U Nair-Reichert
Western Journal of Black Studies 27 (1), 3, 2003
Migration and public policies: a further empirical analysis
RJ Cebula, U Nair-Reichert
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Patent regimes, host country policies, and the nature of MNE activities
U Nair‐Reichert, R Duncan
Review of International Economics 16 (4), 783-797, 2008
Access to higher public education and location choices of undocumented migrants: an exploratory analysis
U Nair-Reichert, RJ Cebula
International Advances in Economic Research 21 (2), 189-199, 2015
Inflation regimes, core inflation measures and the relationship between producer and consumer price inflation
WJ Belton, U Nair-Reichert
Applied Economics 39 (10), 1295-1305, 2007
Firm heterogeneity, trade liberalization, and duration of trade and production: The case of India
T Besedeš, U Nair-Reichert
Working paper, 2009
Union rent seeking and import competition
RJ Cebula, U Nair-Reichert
Journal of Labor Research 21 (3), 477-487, 2000
Total state in-migration rates and public policy in the United States: a comparative analysis of the Great Recession and the pre-and post-Great Recession years
RJ Cebula, U Nair-Reichert, CK Coombs
Regional Studies, Regional Science 1 (1), 102-115, 2014
Money and the dispersion of relative prices revisited
WJ Belton Jr, RJ Cebula, U Nair-Reichert
Applied Economics 34 (14), 1765-1773, 2002
Agglomeration effects and spatial spillovers in efficiency analysis: a distribution-free methodology
L Kutlu, U Nair-Reichert
Regional Studies, 2019
Location decisions of undocumented migrants in the United States
U Nair-Reichert
Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy 44 (1100-2016-90120), 157-165, 2014
A review of the state-of-the-art and future research directions for the strategic design of global supply chains
M Goetschalckx, U Nair-Reichert, S Ahmed, T Santoso
MHRC, Portland, Maine, 2002
Revitalizing the inner city: A holistic approach
UN Reichert
The Review of Black Political Economy 24 (2-3), 185-192, 1996
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