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Shaun Truelove
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Epidemiology and transmission of COVID-19 in 391 cases and 1286 of their close contacts in Shenzhen, China: a retrospective cohort study
Q Bi, Y Wu, S Mei, C Ye, X Zou, Z Zhang, X Liu, L Wei, SA Truelove, ...
The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2020
Epidemiology and Transmission of COVID-19 in Shenzhen China: Analysis of 391 cases and 1,286 of their close contacts
Q Bi, Y Wu, S Mei, C Ye, X Zou, Z Zhang, X Liu, L Wei, SA Truelove, ...
MedRxiv, 2020
Reduced vaccination and the risk of measles and other childhood infections post-Ebola
S Takahashi, CJE Metcalf, MJ Ferrari, WJ Moss, SA Truelove, AJ Tatem, ...
Science 347 (6227), 1240-1242, 2015
Unraveling the drivers of MERS-CoV transmission
S Cauchemez, P Nouvellet, A Cori, T Jombart, T Garske, H Clapham, ...
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences 113 (32), 9081-9086, 2016
Remote monitoring of inhaled bronchodilator use and weekly feedback about asthma management: an open-group, short-term pilot study of the impact on asthma control
D Van Sickle, S Magzamen, S Truelove, T Morrison
PLoS One 8 (2), e55335, 2013
Longitudinal assessment of small fiber neuropathy: evidence of a non–length-dependent distal axonopathy
MA Khoshnoodi, S Truelove, A Burakgazi, A Hoke, AL Mammen, ...
Jama Neurology 73 (6), 684-690, 2016
A comparison of hemagglutination inhibition and neutralization assays for characterizing immunity to seasonal influenza A
S Truelove, H Zhu, J Lessler, S Riley, JM Read, S Wang, KO Kwok, ...
Influenza and other respiratory viruses 10 (6), 518-524, 2016
Microevolution of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Viruses Isolated from Humans, Egypt, 2007–2011
M Younan, MK Poh, E Elassal, T Davis, P Rivailler, AL Balish, N Simpson, ...
Emerging infectious diseases 19 (1), 43, 2013
Estimating the severity and subclinical burden of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
J Lessler, H Salje, MD Van Kerkhove, NM Ferguson, S Cauchemez, ...
American journal of epidemiology 183 (7), 657-663, 2016
Comparison of patients hospitalized with pandemic 2009 influenza A (H1N1) virus infection during the first two pandemic waves in Wisconsin
SA Truelove, AS Chitnis, RT Heffernan, AE Karon, TE Haupt, JP Davis
Journal of Infectious Diseases 203 (6), 828-837, 2011
Estimating potential incidence of MERS-CoV associated with Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia, 2014
J Lessler, I Rodriguez-Barraquer, DAT Cummings, T Garske, ...
PLoS currents 6, 2014
Cutaneous nerve biomarkers in transthyretin familial amyloid polyneuropathy
GJ Ebenezer, Y Liu, DP Judge, K Cunningham, S Truelove, ND Carter, ...
Annals of Neurology 82 (1), 44-56, 2017
Epidemiologic and clinical features among patients hospitalized in Wisconsin with 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus infections, April to August 2009
AS Chitnis, SA Truelove, JK Druckenmiller, RT Heffernan, JP Davis
Wisconsin Medical Journal (WMJ) 109 (4), 201, 2010
The potential impact of COVID-19 in refugee camps in Bangladesh and beyond: a modeling study
S Truelove, O Abrahim, C Altare, SA Lauer, KH Grantz, AS Azman, ...
PLoS medicine 17 (6), e1003144, 2020
Characterizing the impact of spatial clustering of susceptibility for measles elimination
SA Truelove, M Graham, WJ Moss, CJE Metcalf, MJ Ferrari, J Lessler
Vaccine 37 (5), 732-741, 2019
Clinical and epidemiological aspects of diphtheria: a systematic review and pooled analysis
SA Truelove, LT Keegan, WJ Moss, LH Chaisson, E Macher, AS Azman, ...
Clinical Infectious Diseases 71 (1), 89-97, 2020
Mitigating measles outbreaks in West Africa post-Ebola
SA Truelove, WJ Moss, J Lessler
Expert review of anti-infective therapy 13 (11), 1299-1301, 2015
A scenario modeling pipeline for COVID-19 emergency planning
JC Lemaitre, KH Grantz, J Kaminsky, HR Meredith, SA Truelove, ...
medRxiv, 2020
Online feedback about remotely monitored inhaled bronchodilators improves composite measures of asthma control
D Van Sickle, S Magzamen, S Truelove
COVID-19: Projecting the impact in Rohingya refugee camps and beyond
S Truelove, O Abrahim, C Altare, A Azman, P Spiegel
Available at SSRN 3561565, 2020
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