Steven Richardson
Steven Richardson
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Optimised asset replacement strategy in the presence of lead time uncertainty
S Richardson, A Kefford, M Hodkiewicz
International journal of production economics 141 (2), 659-667, 2013
Numerical solution of Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman equations by an exponentially fitted finite volume method
S Richardson, S Wang
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Competitive risk management for online Bahncard problem
L Ding, X Liu, Y Xu, S Ito, SY Wu, TJ Shiu, KL Teo, MM Ali, ...
Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization 6 (1), 2010
Modeling of low coherence interferometry using broadband multi-Gaussian light sources
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Modeling tool to support budgeting and planning decisions for pump overhauls
SJ Richardson, MR Hodkiewicz
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Challenges and Opportunities for Simulation Modelling Integrating Mine Haulage and Truck Shop Operations
M Hodkiewicz, S Richardson, R Durham
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A multivariate adaptive regression B-spline algorithm (BMARS) for solving a class of nonlinear optimal feedback control problems
S Richardson, S Wang, LS Jennings
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H Alwardi, S Wang, LS Jennings, S Richardson
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A forecasting Tool for Predicting Australia's Domestic Airline Passenger Demand Using a Genetic Algorithm
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G Wild, S Richardson
Optical Engineering 52 (2), 024404, 2013
The viscosity approximation to the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation in optimal feedback control: Upper bounds for extended domains
S Richardson, S Wang
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Transformation methods for multivariate geostatistical simulation—Minimum/Maximum autocorrelation factors and alternating columns diagonal centres
EM Bandarian, UA Mueller, J Fereira, S Richardson
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Sustainable water management at major Australian regional airports: the case of Mildura Airport
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Biomedical Image Signal Processing for Reflection-Based Imaging
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Study on the non-tradable share reform in China-theoretical analyses and empirical evidence.
J Yu, S Wang, P Ng, Z Yang, A Tversky, P Slovic, D Kahneman, ...
Information Technology Journal 12 (19), 204-217, 1990
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