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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A voltammetric biosensor based on ionic liquid/NiO nanoparticle modified carbon paste electrode for the determination of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH)
H Karimi-Maleh, AL Sanati, VK Gupta, M Yoosefian, M Asif, A Bahari
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 204, 647-654, 2014
ZnO/CNTs nanocomposite/ionic liquid carbon paste electrode for determination of noradrenaline in human samples
A Pahlavan, VK Gupta, AL Sanati, F Karimi, M Yoosefian, M Ghadami
Electrochimica Acta 123, 456-462, 2014
A DFT comparative study of single and double SO2 adsorption on Pt-doped and Au-doped single-walled carbon nanotube
M Yoosefian, M Zahedi, A Mola, S Naserian
Applied Surface Science 349, 864-869, 2015
Optimization of electrocoagulation process for efficient removal of ciprofloxacin antibiotic using iron electrode; kinetic and isotherm studies of adsorption
M Yoosefian, S Ahmadzadeh, M Aghasi, M Dolatabadi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 225, 544-553, 2017
The hybrid of Pd and SWCNT (Pd loaded on SWCNT) as an efficient sensor for the formaldehyde molecule detection: A DFT study
M Yoosefian, H Raissi, A Mola
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 212, 55-62, 2015
An electrochemical nanosensor for simultaneous voltammetric determination of ascorbic acid and Sudan I in food samples
H Karimi-Maleh, M Moazampour, M Yoosefian, AL Sanati, ...
Food analytical methods 7 (10), 2169-2176, 2014
Powerful greenhouse gas nitrous oxide adsorption onto intrinsic and Pd doped Single walled carbon nanotube
M Yoosefian
Applied Surface Science 392, 225-230, 2017
Ab initio study of Pd-decorated single-walled carbon nanotube with C-vacancy as CO sensor
M Yoosefian, Z Barzgari, J Yoosefian
Structural Chemistry 25 (1), 9-19, 2014
Solvent effects on the stability and the electronic properties of histidine/Pd-doped single-walled carbon nanotube biosensor
N Etminan, M Yoosefian, H Raissi, M Hakimi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 214, 313-318, 2016
The role of solvent polarity in the electronic properties, stability and reactivity trend of a tryptophane/Pd doped SWCNT novel nanobiosensor from polar protic to non-polar …
M Yoosefian, N Etminan
Rsc Advances 6 (69), 64818-64825, 2016
Density functional theory (DFT) study of a new novel bionanosensor hybrid; tryptophan/Pd doped single walled carbon nanotube
M Yoosefian, N Etminan
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 81, 116-121, 2016
Pd-doped single-walled carbon nanotube as a nanobiosensor for histidine amino acid, a DFT study
M Yoosefian, N Etminan
RSC Advances 5 (39), 31172-31178, 2015
Ab initio and DFT computational studies on molecular conformations and strength of the intramolecular hydrogen bond in different conformers of 3-amino-2-iminomethyl acryl aldehyde
H Raissi, M Yoosefian, F Mollania, F Farzad, AR Nowroozi
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 966 (1-3), 299-305, 2011
The role of boron nitride nanotube as a new chemical sensor and potential reservoir for hydrogen halides environmental pollutants
M Yoosefian, N Etminan, MZ Moghani, S Mirzaei, S Abbasi
Superlattices and Microstructures 98, 325-331, 2016
The effect of substitution on the intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 3‐hydroxy‐propenethial
H Raissi, AF Jalbout, MA Nasseria, M Yoosefian, H Ghiassi, AJ Hameed
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 108 (9), 1444-1451, 2008
Comprehensive study of the interaction between hydrogen halides and methanol derivatives
H Raissi, M Yoosefian, F Mollania
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 112 (16), 2782-2786, 2012
Solvent effects on binding energy, stability order and hydrogen bonding of guanine–cytosine base pair
M Yoosefian, A Mola
Journal of Molecular Liquids 209, 526-530, 2015
A high efficient nanostructured filter based on functionalized carbon nanotube to reduce the tobacco-specific nitrosamines, NNK
M Yoosefian
Applied Surface Science 434, 134-141, 2018
The effect of solvents on formaldehyde adsorption performance on pristine and Pd doped on single-walled carbon nanotube using density functional theory
M Yoosefian, A Mola, E Fooladi, S Ahmadzadeh
Journal of Molecular Liquids 225, 34-41, 2017
Highly selective detection of titanium (III) in industrial waste water samples using meso-octamethylcalix [4] pyrrole-doped PVC membrane ion-selective electrode
S Ahmadzadeh, M Rezayi, E Faghih-Mirzaei, M Yoosefian, A Kassim
Electrochimica Acta 178, 580-589, 2015
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