Yi Cai
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Sensor data and information fusion to construct digital-twins virtual machine tools for cyber-physical manufacturing
Y Cai, B Starly, P Cohen, YS Lee
Procedia manufacturing 10, 1031-1042, 2017
Direct printing of capacitive touch sensors on flexible substrates by additive E-jet printing with silver nanoinks
H Qin, Y Cai, J Dong, YS Lee
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 139 (3), 031011, 2017
Particle learning in online tool wear diagnosis and prognosis
J Zhang, B Starly, Y Cai, PH Cohen, YS Lee
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 28, 457-463, 2017
Using augmented reality to build digital twin for reconfigurable additive manufacturing system
Y Cai, Y Wang, M Burnett
Journal of Manufacturing Systems 56, 598-604, 2020
Machine vision assisted micro-filament detection for real-time monitoring of electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing
BT Lies, Y Cai, E Spahr, K Lin, H Qin
Procedia Manufacturing 26, 29-39, 2018
A virtual prototyping system with reconfigurable actuators for multi-material layered manufacturing
SH Choi, Y Cai
Computers in industry 65 (1), 37-49, 2014
Deposition group-based toolpath planning for additive manufacturing with multiple robotic actuators
Y Cai, SH Choi
Procedia Manufacturing 34, 584-593, 2019
Novel surgical needle design and manufacturing for vibratory-assisted insertion in medical applications
Y Cai, J Moore, YS Lee
Computer-Aided Design and Applications 14 (6), 833-843, 2017
Vibration Study of Novel Compliant Needle used for Vibration-assisted Needle Insertion
Y Cai, J Moore, YS Lee
Computer-Aided Design and Applications 16 (4), 742-754, 2019
Intricate geometric design and manufacturing on vibration-assisted needles for medical applications
Y Cai, J Moore, YS Lee
International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference 49903 …, 2016
Reconfigurable Multi-material Layered Manufacturing
SH Choi, Y Cai, HH Cheung
Computer-Aided Design and Applications 12 (4), 439-451, 2015
In-situ Droplet Monitoring of Inkjet 3D Printing Process using Image Analysis and Machine Learning Models
M Ogunsanya, J Isichei, SK Parupelli, S Desai, Y Cai
Procedia Manufacturing 53, 427-434, 2021
A toolpath design platform for multi-material layered manufacturing
SH Choi, Y Cai
Computer-Aided Design and Applications 8 (5), 759-771, 2011
Design of Ultrasonic Longitudinal-Torsional Vibrator Based on Waveguide Principle for Manufacturing and Medical Applications
Y Wang, YS Lee, Y Cai, Y Sun, H Gong
Procedia Manufacturing 48, 114-122, 2020
Thin-slots machining of compliant needles for vibration-assisted medical insertion
Y Cai, JZ Moore, YS Lee
Procedia Manufacturing 10, 392-406, 2017
In-situ Quality Inspection for Micro/Nano Scale Additive Manufacturing System Based on Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing Using Machine Vision
H Qin, B Lies, K Lin, E Spahr, Y Cai
IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings, 59-64, 2018
Sensor Fusion for Digitalization of Legacy Machine Tools
Y Cai, B Starly, YS Lee
IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings, 1492-1497, 2018
Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Compliant Needles for Vibratory Insertion in Medical Applications
Y Cai
North Carolina State University, 2017
A virtual dual-level reconfigurable additive manufacturing system for digital object fabrication
SH Choi, Y Cai
Proceedings of the 21st International SFF Symposium, 2010
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