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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Big data for industry 4.0: A conceptual framework
MO Gokalp, K Kayabay, MA Akyol, PE Eren, A Koçyiğit
2016 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational …, 2016
LRFMP model for customer segmentation in the grocery retail industry: a case study
S Peker, A Kocyigit, PE Eren
Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 2017
On determining cluster size of randomly deployed heterogeneous WSNs
C Sevgi, A Koçyigit
IEEE Communications Letters 12 (4), 232-234, 2008
A hybrid approach to minimize state space explosion problem for the solution of two stage tandem queues
E Ever, O Gemikonakli, A Kocyigit, E Gemikonakli
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 36 (2), 908-926, 2013
Approximate solution for two stage open networks with Markov-modulated queues minimizing the state space explosion problem
O Gemikonakli, E Ever, A Kocyigit
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 223 (1), 519-533, 2009
Modelling and analysis of vertical handover in highly mobile environments
Y Kirsal, E Ever, A Kocyigit, O Gemikonakli, G Mapp
The Journal of Supercomputing 71 (12), 4352-4380, 2015
Granular best match algorithm for context-aware computing systems
AB Kocaballı, A Koçyiğit
Journal of Systems and Software 80 (12), 2015-2024, 2007
All-optical networking
A Koçyiğit, D GÖKIŞIK, S Bilgen
Turkish journal of electrical engineering & computer sciences 9 (2), 69-122, 2001
Optimal deployment in randomly deployed heterogeneous WSNs: A connected coverage approach
C Sevgi, A Koçyiğit
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 46, 182-197, 2014
An adaptive mobile cloud computing framework using a call graph based model
M Kaya, A Koçyiğit, PE Eren
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 65, 12-35, 2016
An early software effort estimation method based on use cases and conceptual classes
TE Ayyıldız, A Koçyiğit
Journal of Software 9 (8), 2169-2173, 2014
[WiP] Predictive maintenance in healthcare services with big data technologies
S Çoban, MO Gökalp, E Gökalp, PE Eren, A Koçyiğit
2018 IEEE 11th Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications …, 2018
A cloud based architecture for distributed real time processing of continuous queries
MO Gökalp, A Koçyigit, PE Eren
2015 41st Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced …, 2015
mRHR: a modified reciprocal hit rank metric for ranking evaluation of multiple preferences in top-N recommender systems
S Peker, A Kocyigit
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems …, 2016
A generic analytical modelling approach for performance evaluation of the handover schemes in heterogeneous environments
Y Kirsal, E Ever, A Kocyigit, O Gemikonakli, G Mapp
Wireless personal communications 79 (2), 1247-1276, 2014
A visual programming framework for distributed Internet of Things centric complex event processing
MO Gökalp, A Koçyiğit, PE Eren
Computers & Electrical Engineering 74, 581-604, 2019
Big data in mHealth
MO Gökalp, K Kayabay, MA Akyol, A Koçyiğit, PE Eren
Current and Emerging mHealth Technologies, 241-256, 2018
An optimal network dimensioning and initial energy assignment minimizing the monetary cost of a heterogeneous WSN
C Sevgi, A Kocyigit
2009 6th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, 517-521, 2009
A hybrid approach for predicting customers’ individual purchase behavior
S Peker, A Kocyigit, PE Eren
Kybernetes, 2017
Correlations between problem domain and solution domain size measures for open source software
TE Ayyildiz, A Koçyigit
2014 40th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced …, 2014
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