Hamid Bolouri
Hamid Bolouri
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The systems biology markup language (SBML): a medium for representation and exchange of biochemical network models
M Hucka, A Finney, HM Sauro, H Bolouri, JC Doyle, H Kitano, AP Arkin, ...
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A genomic regulatory network for development
EH Davidson, JP Rast, P Oliveri, A Ransick, C Calestani, CH Yuh, ...
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Genomic cis-regulatory logic: experimental and computational analysis of a sea urchin gene
CH Yuh, H Bolouri, EH Davidson
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Systems biology approaches identify ATF3 as a negative regulator of Toll-like receptor 4
M Gilchrist, V Thorsson, B Li, AG Rust, M Korb, K Kennedy, T Hai, ...
Nature 441 (7090), 173-178, 2006
Computational modeling of genetic and biochemical networks
JM Bower, H Bolouri
MIT press, 2001
Substantial interindividual and limited intraindividual genomic diversity among tumors from men with metastatic prostate cancer
A Kumar, I Coleman, C Morrissey, X Zhang, LD True, R Gulati, R Etzioni, ...
Nature medicine 22 (4), 369-378, 2016
A provisional regulatory gene network for specification of endomesoderm in the sea urchin embryo
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A data integration methodology for systems biology
D Hwang, AG Rust, S Ramsey, JJ Smith, DM Leslie, AD Weston, ...
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Modeling transcriptional regulatory networks
H Bolouri, EH Davidson
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Next generation simulation tools: the Systems Biology Workbench and BioSPICE integration
HM Sauro, M Hucka, A Finney, C Wellock, H Bolouri, J Doyle, H Kitano
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Dizzy: stochastic simulation of large-scale genetic regulatory networks
S Ramsey, D Orrell, H Bolouri
Journal of bioinformatics and computational biology 3 (02), 415-436, 2005
Robustness as a measure of plausibility in models of biochemical networks
M Morohashi, AE Winn, MT Borisuk, H Bolouri, J Doyle, H Kitano
Journal of theoretical biology 216 (1), 19-30, 2002
The molecular landscape of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia reveals recurrent structural alterations and age-specific mutational interactions
H Bolouri, JE Farrar, T Triche Jr, RE Ries, EL Lim, TA Alonzo, Y Ma, ...
Nature medicine 24 (1), 103, 2018
Computational representation of developmental genetic regulatory networks
WJR Longabaugh, EH Davidson, H Bolouri
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Cis-regulatory logic in the endo16 gene: switching from a specification to a differentiation mode of control
CH Yuh, H Bolouri, EH Davidson
Development 128 (5), 617-629, 2001
Transcriptional regulatory cascades in development: initial rates, not steady state, determine network kinetics
H Bolouri, EH Davidson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (16), 9371-9376, 2003
Mutant IDH1 regulates the tumor-associated immune system in gliomas
NM Amankulor, Y Kim, S Arora, J Kargl, F Szulzewsky, M Hanke, ...
Genes & development 31 (8), 774-786, 2017
A data integration methodology for systems biology: experimental verification
D Hwang, JJ Smith, DM Leslie, AD Weston, AG Rust, S Ramsey, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (48), 17302-17307, 2005
Image redundancy reduction for neural network classification using discrete cosine transforms
Z Pan, AG Rust, H Bolouri
Proceedings of the IEEE-INNS-ENNS International Joint Conference on Neural …, 2000
New computational approaches for analysis of cis-regulatory networks
CT Brown, AG Rust, PJC Clarke, Z Pan, MJ Schilstra, T De Buysscher, ...
Developmental biology 246 (1), 86-102, 2002
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