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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A review of research on the Kalina cycle
X Zhang, M He, Y Zhang
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 16 (7), 5309-5318, 2012
Thermal conductivities study on silica aerogel and its composite insulation materials
G Wei, Y Liu, X Zhang, F Yu, X Du
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MHD flow and radiation heat transfer of nanofluids in porous media with variable surface heat flux and chemical reaction
C Zhang, L Zheng, X Zhang, G Chen
Applied Mathematical Modelling 39 (1), 165-181, 2015
Coupled flow and heat transfer in viscoelastic fluid with Cattaneo–Christov heat flux model
S Han, L Zheng, C Li, X Zhang
Applied Mathematics Letters 38, 87-93, 2014
Sustainability and consumption
MH Huang, RT Rust
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 39 (1), 40-54, 2011
MHD pseudo-plastic nanofluid unsteady flow and heat transfer in a finite thin film over stretching surface with internal heat generation
Y Lin, L Zheng, X Zhang, L Ma, G Chen
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 84, 903-911, 2015
Flow and radiation heat transfer of a nanofluid over a stretching sheet with velocity slip and temperature jump in porous medium
L Zheng, C Zhang, X Zhang, J Zhang
Journal of the Franklin Institute 350 (5), 990-1007, 2013
Discovery and characterization of a small molecule inhibitor of the PDZ domain of dishevelled
D Grandy, J Shan, X Zhang, S Rao, S Akunuru, H Li, Y Zhang, I Alpatov, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (24), 16256-16263, 2009
A combined thermodynamic cycle used for waste heat recovery of internal combustion engine
M He, X Zhang, K Zeng, K Gao
Energy 36 (12), 6821-6829, 2011
Mixed convection heat transfer in power law fluids over a moving conveyor along an inclined plate
J Sui, L Zheng, X Zhang, G Chen
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Radiation effects on Marangoni convection flow and heat transfer in pseudo-plastic non-Newtonian nanofluids with variable thermal conductivity
Y Lin, L Zheng, X Zhang
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 77, 708-716, 2014
Boundary layer heat and mass transfer with Cattaneo–Christov double-diffusion in upper-convected Maxwell nanofluid past a stretching sheet with slip velocity
J Sui, L Zheng, X Zhang
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 104, 461-468, 2016
Degradation of ciprofloxacin in aqueous bismuth oxybromide (BiOBr) suspensions under visible light irradiation: a direct hole oxidation pathway
XX Zhang, R Li, M Jia, S Wang, Y Huang, C Chen
Chemical Engineering Journal 274, 290-297, 2015
A review of recent advances in thermophysical properties at the nanoscale: from solid state to colloids
L Qiu, N Zhu, Y Feng, EE Michaelides, G Żyła, D Jing, X Zhang, PM Norris, ...
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MHD flow and heat transfer over a porous shrinking surface with velocity slip and temperature jump
L Zheng, J Niu, X Zhang, Y Gao
Mathematical and Computer Modelling 56 (5-6), 133-144, 2012
Optimization of geometry and flow rate distribution for double-layer microchannel heat sink
L Lin, YY Chen, XX Zhang, XD Wang
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 78, 158-168, 2014
Transient modeling and dynamic characteristics of thermoelectric cooler
JH Meng, XD Wang, XX Zhang
Applied energy 108, 340-348, 2013
Slip effects on MHD flow of a generalized Oldroyd-B fluid with fractional derivative
L Zheng, Y Liu, X Zhang
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 13 (2), 513-523, 2012
Analytic solutions of unsteady boundary flow and heat transfer on a permeable stretching sheet with non-uniform heat source/sink
L Zheng, L Wang, X Zhang
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 16 (2), 731-740, 2011
Investigation of dealloying of S phase (Al2CuMg) in AA 2024-T3 aluminium alloy using high resolution 2D and 3D electron imaging
T Hashimoto, X Zhang, X Zhou, P Skeldon, SJ Haigh, GE Thompson
Corrosion Science 103, 157-164, 2016
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