Daniel Allington
Daniel Allington
Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Reading groups and the language of literary texts: A case study in social reading
J Swann, D Allington
Language and Literature 18 (3), 247-264, 2009
Researching literary reading as social practice
D Allington, J Swann
Language and Literature 18 (3), 219-230, 2009
“How come most people don't see it?”: Slashing the Lord of the Rings
D Allington
Social Semiotics 17 (1), 43-62, 2007
Networks of value in electronic music: SoundCloud, London, and the importance of place
D Allington, B Dueck, A Jordanous
Cultural Trends 24 (3), 211-222, 2015
‘It actually painted a picture of the village and the sea and the bottom of the sea’: Reading groups, cultural legitimacy, and description in narrative (with particular …
D Allington
Language and Literature 20 (4), 317-332, 2011
Private experience, textual analysis, and institutional authority: The discursive practice of critical interpretation and its enactment in literary training
D Allington
Language and Literature 21 (2), 211-225, 2012
Distinction, intentions, and the consumption of fiction: Negotiating cultural legitimacy in a gay reading group
D Allington
European Journal of Cultural Studies 14 (2), 129-145, 2011
‘Power to the reader’ or ‘degradation of literary taste’? Professional critics and Amazon customers as reviewers of The Inheritance of Loss
D Allington
Language and literature 25 (3), 254-278, 2016
Reading in the age of the internet
D Allington, S Pihlaja
Language and Literature 25 (3), 201-210, 2016
How to do things with literature: blasphemous speech acts, satanic intentions, and the uncommunicativeness of verses
D Allington
Poetics Today 29 (3), 473-523, 2008
First steps towards a rhetorical psychology of literary interpretation
D Allington
Journal of Literary Semantics 35 (2), 123-144, 2006
On open access, and why it’s not the answer
D Allington
DanielAllington. net (October 15). http://www. danielallington. net/2013/10 …, 2013
On the use of anecdotal evidence in reception study and the history of reading
D Allington
Pickering and Chatto, 2010
Re-reading the script: a discursive appraisal of the use of the'schema'in cognitive poetics
D Allington
Working With English: Medieval and Modern Language, Literature and Drama 2, 1-9, 2005
Measuring cultural value using social network analysis: a case study on valuing electronic musicians
A Jordanous, D Allington, B Dueck
Reading the reading experience: an ethnomethodological approach to'booktalk'
D Allington, B Benwell
University of Massachusetts Press, 2012
Discourse and the reception of literature: problematising'reader response'
D Allington
University of Stirling, 2008
Health-protective behaviour, social media usage and conspiracy belief during the COVID-19 public health emergency
D Allington, B Duffy, S Wessely, N Dhavan, J Rubin
Psychological medicine, 1-7, 2020
The Mediation of Response: A Critical Approach to Individual and Group Reading Practices
D Allington, J Swann
The History of Reading, Volume 3, 80-96, 2011
The relationship between conspiracy beliefs and compliance with public health guidance with regard to COVID-19
D Allington, N Dhavan
London: Centre for Countering Digital Hate, 2020
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