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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Adaptive firefly algorithm with chaos for mechanical design optimization problems
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan
Applied Soft Computing 36, 152-164, 2015
An improved firefly algorithm for solving dynamic multidimensional knapsack problems
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan
Expert Systems with Applications 41 (8), 3712-3725, 2014
A case-oriented approach to a lead/acid battery closed-loop supply chain network design under risk and uncertainty
K Subulan, A Baykasoğlu, FB Özsoydan, AS Taşan, H Selim
Journal of Manufacturing Systems 37, 340-361, 2015
A swarm intelligence-based algorithm for the set-union knapsack problem
FB Ozsoydan, A Baykasoglu
Future Generation Computer Systems 93, 560-569, 2019
Quantum firefly swarms for multimodal dynamic optimization problems
FB Ozsoydan, A Baykasoğlu
Expert Systems with Applications 115, 189-199, 2019
Dynamic scheduling of parallel heat treatment furnaces: A case study at a manufacturing system
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan
Journal of manufacturing systems 46, 152-162, 2018
A GRASP based solution approach to solve cardinality constrained portfolio optimization problems
A Baykasoğlu, MG Yunusoglu, FB Özsoydan
Computers & Industrial Engineering 90, 339–351, 2015
A multi-population firefly algorithm for dynamic optimization problems
FB Ozsoydan, A Baykasoglu
2015 IEEE International Conference on Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent …, 2015
Evolutionary and population-based methods versus constructive search strategies in dynamic combinatorial optimization
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan
Information Sciences 420, 159-183, 2017
Effects of dominant wolves in grey wolf optimization algorithm
FB Ozsoydan
Applied Soft Computing 83, 105658, 2019
Artificial search agents with cognitive intelligence for binary optimization problems
FB Ozsoydan
Computers & Industrial Engineering 136, 18-30, 2019
Heuristic solution approaches for the cumulative capacitated vehicle routing problem
FB Ozsoydan, A Sipahioglu
Optimization 62 (10), 1321-1340, 2013
Weighted superposition attraction algorithm for binary optimization problems
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan, ME Senol
Operational Research 20 (4), 2555-2581, 2020
Evolutionary and adaptive inheritance enhanced Grey Wolf Optimization algorithm for binary domains
İ Gölcük, FB Ozsoydan
Knowledge-Based Systems 194, 105586, 2020
Minimizing tool switching and indexing times with tool duplications in automatic machines
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 89 (5), 1775-1789, 2017
Iterated greedy algorithms enhanced by hyper-heuristic based learning for hybrid flexible flowshop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times: a case study at a …
FB Ozsoydan, M Sağir
Computers & Operations Research 125, 105044, 2021
Dynamic optimization in binary search spaces via Weighted Superposition Attraction Algorithm
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan
Expert Systems with Applications 96, 157-174, 2018
An improved approach for determination of index positions on CNC magazines with cutting tool duplications by integrating shortest path algorithm
A Baykasoğlu, FB Ozsoydan
International Journal of Production Research 54 (3), 742-760, 2016
Analysing the effects of various switching probability characteristics in flower pollination algorithm for solving unconstrained function minimization problems
FB Ozsoydan, A Baykasoglu
Neural Computing and Applications 31 (11), 7805-7819, 2019
Improving fuzzy c-means clustering via quantum-enhanced weighted superposition attraction algorithm
A Baykasoğlu, İ Gölcük, FB Özsoydan
Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 48 (3), 859-882, 2018
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