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Jeff Shearstone
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A sequence-oriented comparison of gene expression measurements across different hybridization-based technologies
WP Kuo, F Liu, J Trimarchi, C Punzo, M Lombardi, J Sarang, ME Whipple, ...
Nature biotechnology 24 (7), 832-840, 2006
Gene profiling of scleroderma skin reveals robust signatures of disease that are imperfectly reflected in the transcript profiles of explanted fibroblasts
H Gardner, JR Shearstone, R Bandaru, T Crowell, M Lynes, ...
Arthritis & Rheumatism 54 (6), 1961-1973, 2006
Global DNA demethylation during mouse erythropoiesis in vivo
JR Shearstone, R Pop, C Bock, P Boyle, A Meissner, M Socolovsky
Science 334 (6057), 799-802, 2011
A key commitment step in erythropoiesis is synchronized with the cell cycle clock through mutual inhibition between PU. 1 and S-phase progression
R Pop, JR Shearstone, Q Shen, Y Liu, K Hallstrom, M Koulnis, J Gribnau, ...
PLoS Biol 8 (9), e1000484, 2010
Biochemical characterization of the small heat shock protein IbpB from Escherichia coli
JR Shearstone, F Baneyx
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (15), 9937, 1999
Identification and Analysis of Mouse Erythroid Progenitors using the CD71/TER119 Flow-cytometric Assay
K Miroslav, P Ramona, P Ermelinda, S Jeffrey R, H Daniel, S Merav
Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2011
Increased levels of transforming growth factor β receptor type I and up‐regulation of matrix gene program: A model of scleroderma
J Pannu, H Gardner, JR Shearstone, E Smith, M Trojanowska
Arthritis & Rheumatism 54 (9), 3011-3021, 2006
AATF mediates an antiapoptotic effect of the unfolded protein response through transcriptional regulation of AKT1
S Ishigaki, SG Fonseca, CM Oslowski, A Jurczyk, JR Shearstone, LJ Zhu, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 17 (5), 774-786, 2010
TWEAK/Fn14 pathway: a nonredundant role in intestinal damage in mice through a TWEAK/intestinal epithelial cell axis
T Dohi, A Borodovsky, P Wu, JR Shearstone, R Kawashima, L Runkel, ...
Gastroenterology 136 (3), 912-923. e8, 2009
HDAC1, 2 inhibition impairs EZH2-and BBAP-mediated DNA repair to overcome chemoresistance in EZH2 gain-of-function mutant diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
DP Johnson, GS Spitz, S Tharkar, SN Quayle, JR Shearstone, S Jones, ...
Oncotarget 6 (7), 4863, 2015
Integrin β4 regulates SPARC protein to promote invasion
KD Gerson, JR Shearstone, VSRK Maddula, BE Seligmann, AM Mercurio
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (13), 9835-9844, 2012
Effects of β4 integrin expression on microRNA patterns in breast cancer
KD Gerson, VSRK Maddula, BE Seligmann, JR Shearstone, A Khan, ...
Biology Open, BIO20121628, 2012
Chemical Inhibition of Histone Deacetylases 1 and 2 Induces Fetal Hemoglobin through Activation of GATA2
JR Shearstone, O Golonzhka, A Chonkar, D Tamang, JH van Duzer, ...
PLoS one 11 (4), e0153767, 2016
Nondestructive quality control for microarray production
JR Shearstone, NE Allaire, ME Getman, S Perrin
Biotechniques 32 (5), 1051-1057, 2002
HDAC1, 2 inhibition and doxorubicin impair Mre11-dependent DNA repair and DISC to override BCR-ABL1-driven DSB repair in Philadelphia chromosome-positive B-cell precursor acute …
S Tharkar-Promod, DP Johnson, SE Bennett, EM Dennis, BG Banowsky, ...
Leukemia 32 (1), 49-60, 2018
Selective inhibitors of histone deacetylases 1 and 2 synergize with azacitidine in acute myeloid leukemia
C Min, N Moore, JR Shearstone, SN Quayle, P Huang, JH van Duzer, ...
PloS one 12 (1), e0169128, 2017
Accurate and precise transcriptional profiles from 50 pg of total RNA or 100 flow-sorted primary lymphocytes
JR Shearstone, NE Allaire, J Campos-Rivera, S Rao, S Perrin
Genomics 88 (1), 111-121, 2006
Application of functional genomic technologies in a mouse model of retinal degeneration
JR Shearstone, YE Wang, A Clement, NE Allaire, C Yang, DS Worley, ...
Genomics 85 (3), 309-321, 2005
Mechanistic insights into fetal hemoglobin (HbF) induction through chemical inhibition of histone deacetylase 1 and 2 (HDAC1/2)
JR Shearstone, JH van Duzer, SS Jones, M Jarpe
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 122 (21), 2253-2253, 2013
The Histone Deacetylase 1 and 2 (HDAC1/2) Inhibitor ACY-957: Impact of Dosing Schedule on Pharmacokinetics (PK), Pharmacodynamics (PD), Hematopoietic Toxicity, and Gamma Globin …
A Chonkar, M Jarpe, K Bhol, SS Jones, JR Shearstone
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 128 (22), 323-323, 2016
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