David Grant Colburn Hildebrand
David Grant Colburn Hildebrand
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Imaging ATUM ultrathin section libraries with WaferMapper: a multi-scale approach to EM reconstruction of neural circuits
KJ Hayworth*, JL Morgan*, R Schalek, DR Berger, DGC Hildebrand, ...
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 8, 68, 2014
Whole-brain serial-section electron microscopy in larval zebrafish
DGC Hildebrand, M Cicconet, RM Torres, W Choi, TM Quan, J Moon, ...
Nature 545 (7654), 345-349, 2017
FusionNet: a deep fully residual convolutional neural network for image segmentation in connectomics
TM Quan, DGC Hildebrand, WK Jeong
arXiv preprint 1612.05360 [cs.CV], 2016
Pan-neuronal calcium imaging with cellular resolution in freely swimming zebrafish
DH Kim, J Kim, JC Marques, A Grama, DGC Hildebrand, W Gu, JM Li, ...
Nature Methods 14, 1107-1114, 2017
Sensorimotor computation underlying phototaxis in zebrafish
S Wolf*, AM Dubreuil*, T Bertoni, UL Böhm, V Bormuth, R Candelier, ...
Nature Communications 8, 651, 2017
High‐performance prediction of functional residues in proteins with machine learning and computed input features
S Somarowthu, H Yang, DGC Hildebrand, MJ Ondrechen
Biopolymers 95 (6), 390-400, 2011
Vivaldi: a domain-specific language for volume processing and visualization on distributed heterogeneous systems
H Choi, W Choi, TM Quan, DGC Hildebrand, H Pfister, WK Jeong
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 20 (12), 2407-2416, 2014
ssEMnet: serial-section electron microscopy image registration using a spatial transformer network with learned features
I Yoo, DGC Hildebrand, WF Tobin, WCA Lee, WK Jeong
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) Deep …, 2017
Registering large volume serial-section electron microscopy image sets for neural circuit reconstruction using FFT signal whitening
AW Wetzel, J Bakal, M Dittrich, DGC Hildebrand, JL Morgan, JW Lichtman
IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR) workshop, 2016
Finding mirror symmetry via registration and optimal symmetric pairwise assignment of curves
M Cicconet, DGC Hildebrand, H Elliott
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision workshop (ICCVW) Detecting …, 2017
Reconstruction of motor control circuits in adult Drosophila using automated transmission electron microscopy
JT Maniates-Selvin*, DGC Hildebrand*, BJ Graham*, AT Kuan, ...
bioRxiv preprint 902478, 2020
Assessing contributions of nucleus accumbens shell subregions to reward-seeking behavior
MD Reed, DGC Hildebrand, G Santangelo, A Moffa, AS Pira, L Rycyna, ...
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2015
Lamellar projections in the endolymphatic sac act as a relief valve to regulate inner ear pressure
IA Swinburne, KR Mosaliganti, S Upadhyayula, TL Liu, DGC Hildebrand, ...
eLife 7, e37131, 2018
The thalamus drives light-evoked activity in the habenula of larval zebrafish
RK Cheng, S Krishnan, Q Lin, DGC Hildebrand, IH Bianco, C Kibat, ...
bioRxiv preprint 047936, 2016
Reel-to-reel electron microscopy: latency-free continuous imaging of large sample volumes
CS Own, MF Murfitt, LS Own, D Brittain, N da Costa, RC Reid, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 21 (S3), 157-158, 2015
High conservation of amino acids with anomalous protonation behavior
DGC Hildebrand, H Yang, MJ Ondrechen, RJ Williams
Current Bioinformatics 5 (2), 134-140, 2010
Whole-brain functional and structural examination in larval zebrafish
DGC Hildebrand
Harvard University, 2015
A flexible system for hands-free intracranial microinjection
DGC Hildebrand*, DP Knudsen*, GW Hesse, JR Stellar
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 185 (1), 62-65, 2009
Central vestibular tuning arises from patterned convergence of otolith afferents
Z Liu, Y Kimura, S Higashijima, DGC Hildebrand, JL Morgan, MW Bagnall
bioRxiv preprint 948356, 2020
Removing imaging artifacts in electron microscopy using an asymmetrically cyclic adversarial network without paired training data
TM Quan, DGC Hildebrand, K Lee, LA Thomas, AT Kuan, WCA Lee, ...
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision workshop (ICCVW) Learning …, 2019
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