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Tae-Wook Kim
Tae-Wook Kim
Chonbuk National University (Jeonbuk National University)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Organic resistive memory devices: performance enhancement, integration, and advanced architectures
B Cho, S Song, Y Ji, TW Kim, T Lee
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (15), 2806-2829, 2011
Large-scale patterned multi-layer graphene films as transparent conducting electrodes for GaN light-emitting diodes
G Jo, M Choe, CY Cho, JH Kim, W Park, S Lee, WK Hong, TW Kim, ...
Nanotechnology 21 (17), 175201, 2010
Evolution of nanomorphology and anisotropic conductivity in solvent-modified PEDOT: PSS films for polymeric anodes of polymer solar cells
SI Na, G Wang, SS Kim, TW Kim, SH Oh, BK Yu, T Lee, DY Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (47), 9045-9053, 2009
Quantum confinement effect in crystalline silicon quantum dots in silicon nitride grown using and
TW Kim, CH Cho, BH Kim, SJ Park
Applied Physics Letters 88 (12), 123102, 2006
Three‐dimensional integration of organic resistive memory devices
S Song, B Cho, TW Kim, Y Ji, M Jo, G Wang, M Choe, YH Kahng, ...
Advanced Materials 22 (44), 5048-5052, 2010
Rewritable switching of one diode–one resistor nonvolatile organic memory devices
B Cho, TW Kim, S Song, Y Ji, M Jo, H Hwang, GY Jung, T Lee
Advanced Materials 22 (11), 1228-1232, 2010
A new approach for molecular electronic junctions with a multilayer graphene electrode
G Wang, Y Kim, M Choe, TW Kim, T Lee
Advanced Materials 23 (6), 755-760, 2011
Photoluminescence of silicon quantum dots in silicon nitride grown by and
BH Kim, CH Cho, TW Kim, NM Park, GY Sung, SJ Park
Applied Physics Letters 86 (9), 091908, 2005
Efficient work-function engineering of solution-processed MoS 2 thin-films for novel hole and electron transport layers leading to high-performance polymer solar cells
JM Yun, YJ Noh, JS Yeo, YJ Go, SI Na, HG Jeong, J Kim, S Lee, SS Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (24), 3777-3783, 2013
Stable switching characteristics of organic nonvolatile memory on a bent flexible substrate
Y Ji, B Cho, S Song, TW Kim, M Choe, YH Kahng, T Lee
Advanced Materials 22 (28), 3071-3075, 2010
Flexible and twistable non-volatile memory cell array with all-organic one diode–one resistor architecture
Y Ji, DF Zeigler, DS Lee, H Choi, AKY Jen, HC Ko, TW Kim*
Nature communications 4, 2013
Significant vertical phase separation in solvent-vapor-annealed poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly (styrene sulfonate) composite films leading to better conductivity and …
JS Yeo, JM Yun, DY Kim, S Park, SS Kim, MH Yoon, TW Kim, SI Na
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Statistical analysis of electronic properties of alkanethiols in metal–molecule–metal junctions
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Unipolar nonvolatile memory devices with composites of poly (9-vinylcarbazole) and titanium dioxide nanoparticles
B Cho, TW Kim, M Choe, G Wang, S Song, T Lee
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Morphology-and orientation-controlled gallium arsenide nanowires on silicon substrates
SG Ihn, JI Song, TW Kim, DS Leem, T Lee, SG Lee, EK Koh, K Song
Nano letters 7 (1), 39-44, 2007
Piezoelectric effect on the electronic transport characteristics of ZnO nanowire field‐effect transistors on bent flexible substrates
SS Kwon, WK Hong, G Jo, J Maeng, TW Kim, S Song, T Lee
Advanced Materials 20 (23), 4557-4562, 2008
High‐efficiency photovoltaic devices using trap‐controlled quantum‐dot ink prepared via phase‐transfer exchange
H Aqoma, M Al Mubarok, WT Hadmojo, EH Lee, TW Kim, TK Ahn, SH Oh, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (19), 1605756, 2017
One Transistor–One Resistor Devices for Polymer Non‐Volatile Memory Applications
TW Kim, H Choi, SH Oh, G Wang, DY Kim, H Hwang, T Lee
Advanced Materials 21 (24), 2497-2500, 2009
Graphene oxide nanosheets based organic field effect transistor for nonvolatile memory applications
TW Kim, Y Gao, O Acton, HL Yip, H Ma, H Chen, AKY Jen
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2), 147, 2010
Flexible Nanoporous WO3–x Nonvolatile Memory Device
Y Ji, Y Yang, SK Lee, G Ruan, TW Kim, H Fei, SH Lee, DY Kim, J Yoon, ...
Acs Nano 10 (8), 7598-7603, 2016
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