Umar A. Oseni
Umar A. Oseni
Independent Researcher - Former Associate Professor of Law, IIUM üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Introduction to Islamic Banking & Finance
MK Hassan, RN Kayed, UA Oseni
England: Pearson Education Limited,, 2013
Dispute resolution in Islamic banking and finance: current trends and future perspectives
UA Oseni
Available at SSRN 1461895, 2009
The legal implications of ‘Fatwā shopping’in the Islamic finance industry: problems, perceptions and prospects
UA Oseni, AUF Ahmad, MK Hassan
arab law quarterly 30 (2), 107-137, 2016
Dispute resolution in the Islamic finance industry in Nigeria
UA Oseni
European Journal of Law and Economics, 1-20, 2012
Dispute resolution in Islamic finance: A case analysis of Malaysia
UA Oseni, AUF Ahmad
Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Islamic Finance 125, 2015
Regulating the governing law clauses in Sukuk transactions
UA Oseni, MK Hassan
Journal of Banking Regulation 16 (3), 220-249, 2015
Towards restructuring the legal framework for payment system in international Islamic trade finance
U Oseni
Journal of International Trade Law and Policy, 2013
Sustainable development: Islamic dimension with special reference to conservation of the environment
AH Ansari, P Jamal, UA Oseni
Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences 6 (5), 607-620, 2012
The dispute resolution framework for the Islamic capital market in Malaysia: Legal obstacles and options
UA Oseni, MK Hassan
Islamic capital markets: Products and strategies, 91-114, 2012
Towards a shari'ah compliant equity-based crowdfunding for the halal industry in Malaysia
S Abdullah, UA Oseni
International journal of business and society 18 (S1), 223-240, 2017
Towards a global hub
UA Oseni, AUF Ahmad
International Journal of Law and Management, 2016
Customers' perceptions on the dispute resolution clauses in Islamic finance contracts in Malaysia
UA Oseni, A Adewale, NRBM Zain
Review of Financial Economics 31, 89-98, 2016
Dispute management in Islamic financial institutions: a case study of near Sukuk defaults
UA Oseni
Journal of International Trade Law and Policy 13 (3), 198 - 214, 2014
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Islam
NA Hak, Sa'odah Ahmed, OA Oseni
IIUM Press, 2013
IFSA 2013: Commentaries on Islamic banking and finance
MJ Lee, UA Oseni
Malaysian Current Law Journal Sdn. Bhd., 2015
The feasibility of adopting Islamic Banking system under the existing laws in Uganda
S Lujja, MO Mohammad, RB Hassan, UA Oseni
International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 2016
Towards an effective legal framework for online dispute resolution in e-commerce transactions: trends, traditions and transitions
SO Omoola, UA Oseni
IIUM Law Journal 24 (1), 2016
Sharī ‘ah court-annexed dispute resolution of three commonwealth countries–a literature review
UA Oseni
International Journal of Conflict Management, 2015
Dispute management in Islamic financial services and products: A maqāṣid-based analysis
UA Oseni
Intellectual Discourse 23, 2015
Banking on ICT: The relevance of online dispute resolution in the Islamic banking industry in Malaysia
UA Oseni, SO Omoola
Information & Communications Technology Law 24 (2), 205-223, 2015
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