George Panayotou
George Panayotou
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Phosphoinositide 3-kinases: a conserved family of signal transducers
B Vanhaesebroeck, SJ Leevers, G Panayotou, MD Waterfield
Trends in biochemical sciences 22 (7), 267-272, 1997
A multifunctional docking site mediates signaling and transformation by the hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor receptor family
C Ponzetto, A Bardelli, Z Zhen, F Maina, P dalla Zonca, S Giordano, ...
Cell 77 (2), 261-271, 1994
Characterization of two 85 kd proteins that associate with receptor tyrosine kinases, middle-T/pp60c-src complexes, and PI3-kinase
M Otsu, I Hiles, I Gout, MJ Fry, F Ruiz-Larrea, G Panayotou, A Thompson, ...
Cell 65 (1), 91-104, 1991
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase: structure and expression of the 110 kd catalytic subunit
ID Hiles, M Otsu, S Volinia, MJ Fry, I Gout, R Dhand, G Panayotou, ...
Cell 70 (3), 419-429, 1992
Wortmannin inactivates phosphoinositide 3-kinase by covalent modification of Lys-802, a residue involved in the phosphate transfer reaction
MP Wymann, G Bulgarelli-Leva, MJ Zvelebil, L Pirola, B Vanhaesebroeck, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 16 (4), 1722-1733, 1996
Distinct specificity in the recognition of phosphoinositides by the pleckstrin homology domains of dynamin and Bruton's tyrosine kinase.
K Salim, MJ Bottomley, E Querfurth, MJ Zvelebil, I Gout, R Scaife, ...
The EMBO journal 15 (22), 6241-6250, 1996
The GTPase dynamin binds to and is activated by a subset of SH3 domains
I Gout, R Dhand, ID Hiles, MJ Fry, G Panayotou, P Das, O Truong, ...
Cell 75 (1), 25-36, 1993
PI 3‐kinase is a dual specificity enzyme: autoregulation by an intrinsic protein‐serine kinase activity.
R Dhand, I Hiles, G Panayotou, S Roche, MJ Fry, I Gout, NF Totty, ...
The EMBO journal 13 (3), 522-533, 1994
PI 3‐kinase: structural and functional analysis of intersubunit interactions.
R Dhand, K Hara, I Hiles, B Bax, I Gout, G Panayotou, MJ Fry, ...
The EMBO journal 13 (3), 511-521, 1994
Domains of laminin with growth-factor activity
G Panayotou, P End, M Aumailley, R Timpl, J Engel
Cell 56 (1), 93-101, 1989
Crystal structure of a G: T/U mismatch-specific DNA glycosylase: mismatch recognition by complementary-strand interactions
TE Barrett, R Savva, G Panayotou, T Barlow, T Brown, J Jiricny, LH Pearl
Cell 92 (1), 117-129, 1998
Identification of MAPK phosphorylation sites and their role in the localization and activity of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α
I Mylonis, G Chachami, M Samiotaki, G Panayotou, E Paraskeva, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (44), 33095-33106, 2006
Characterization of flavonoid subgroups and hydroxy substitution by HPLC-MS/MS
D Tsimogiannis, M Samiotaki, G Panayotou, V Oreopoulou
Molecules 12 (3), 593-606, 2007
The motogenic and mitogenic responses to HGF are amplified by the Shc adaptor protein.
G Pelicci, S Giordano, Z Zhen, AE Salcini, L Lanfrancone, A Bardelli, ...
Oncogene 10 (8), 1631-1638, 1995
The homeodomain region of Rag-1 reveals the parallel mechanisms of bacterial and V (D) J recombination
E Spanopoulou, F Zaitseva, FH Wang, S Santagata, D Baltimore, ...
Cell 87 (2), 263-276, 1996
A novel recognition motif for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase binding mediates its association with the hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor receptor
C Ponzetto, A Bardelli, F Maina, P Longati, G Panayotou, R Dhand, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 13 (8), 4600-4608, 1993
SH2 domains of the p85 alpha subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase regulate binding to growth factor receptors
CJ McGlade, C Ellis, M Reedijk, D Anderson, G Mbamalu, AD Reith, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 12 (3), 991-997, 1992
Structure of an SH2 domain of the p85α subunit of phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase
GW Booker, AL Breeze, AK Downing, G Panayotou, I Gout, MD Waterfield, ...
Nature 358 (6388), 684-687, 1992
Interactions between SH2 domains and tyrosine-phosphorylated platelet-derived growth factor beta-receptor sequences: analysis of kinetic parameters by a novel biosensor-based …
G Panayotou, G Gish, P End, O Truong, I Gout, R Dhand, MJ Fry, I Hiles, ...
Molecular and Cellular Biology 13 (6), 3567-3576, 1993
Phospholipid-binding protein domains
MJ Bottomley, K Salim, G Panayotou
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids …, 1998
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