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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Cardiac, skeletal muscle and serum irisin responses to with or without water exercise in young and old male rats: cardiac muscle produces more irisin than skeletal muscle
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, S Aydin, MN Eren, A Celik, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, ...
Peptides 52, 68-73, 2014
Alterations of irisin concentrations in saliva and serum of obese and normal-weight subjects, before and after 45min of a Turkish bath or running
S Aydin, S Aydin, T Kuloglu, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, İ Sahin, D Cicek
Peptides 50, 13-18, 2013
Irisin: a potentially candidate marker for myocardial infarction
T Kuloglu, S Aydin, MN Eren, M Yilmaz, I Sahin, M Kalayci, E Sarman, ...
Peptides 55, 85-91, 2014
Expression of adropin in rat brain, cerebellum, kidneys, heart, liver, and pancreas in streptozotocin-induced diabetes
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, S Aydin, MN Eren, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, İ Sahin, ...
Molecular and cellular biochemistry 380 (1-2), 73-81, 2013
Nesfatin-1 and ghrelin levels in serum and saliva of epileptic patients: hormonal changes can have a major effect on seizure disorders
S Aydin, E Dag, Y Ozkan, F Erman, AF Dagli, N Kilic, İ Sahin, F Karatas, ...
Molecular and cellular biochemistry 328 (1-2), 49, 2009
Presence of obestatin in breast milk: relationship among obestatin, ghrelin, and leptin in lactating women
S Aydin, Y Ozkan, F Erman, B Gurates, N Kilic, R Colak, T Gundogan, ...
Nutrition 24 (7), 689-693, 2008
Ghrelin, paraoxonase and arylesterase levels in depressive patients before and after citalopram treatment
AO Barim, S Aydin, R Colak, E Dag, O Deniz, İ Sahin
Clinical biochemistry 42 (10), 1076-1081, 2009
Nesfatin-1 and other hormone alterations in polycystic ovary syndrome
R Deniz, B Gurates, S Aydin, H Celik, İ Sahin, Y Baykus, Z Catak, A Aksoy, ...
Endocrine 42 (3), 694-699, 2012
Obestatin is present in saliva: alterations in obestatin and ghrelin levels of saliva and serum in ischemic heart disease
Y Ozbay, S Aydin, AF Dagli, M Akbulut, N Dagli, N Kilic, A Rahman, ...
BMB reports 41 (1), 55-61, 2008
Acylated and desacylated ghrelin, preptin, leptin, and nesfatin-1 peptide changes related to the body mass index
Y Ozkan, ES Timurkan, S Aydin, İ Sahin, M Timurkan, C Citil, M Kalayci, ...
International journal of endocrinology 2013, 2013
Regulatory neuropeptides (ghrelin, obestatin and nesfatin-1) levels in serum and reproductive tissues of female and male rats with fructose-induced metabolic syndrome
Z Catak, S Aydin, İ Sahin, T Kuloglu, A Aksoy, AF Dagli
Neuropeptides 48 (3), 167-177, 2014
Concentrations of preptin, salusins and hepcidins in plasma and milk of lactating women with or without gestational diabetes mellitus
S Aydin, O Celik, B Gurates, İ Sahin, M Ulas, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, ...
Peptides 49, 123-130, 2013
Ghrelin, nitrite and paraoxonase/arylesterase concentrations in cement plant workers
S Aydin, S Aydin, G Croteau, Í Sahin, C Citil
Journal of Medical Biochemistry 29 (2), 78-83, 2010
Ghrelin is present in teeth.
S Aydin, IH Ozercan, H Geckil, F Dagli, S Kumru, N Kilic, I Sahin, ...
Journal of biochemistry and molecular biology 40 (3), 368-372, 2007
Serum leptin and ghrelin concentrations of maternal serum, arterial and venous cord blood in healthy and preeclamptic pregnant women
S Aydin, SP Guzel, S Kumru, S Aydin, O Akin, E Kavak, I Sahin, M Bozkurt, ...
Journal of physiology and biochemistry 64 (1), 51-59, 2008
Milk and blood ghrelin level in diabetics
S Aydin, H Geckil, F Karatas, E Donder, S Kumru, EC Kavak, R Colak, ...
Nutrition 23 (11), 807-811, 2007
Diet-induced obesity suppresses ghrelin in rat gastrointestinal tract and serum
İ Sahin, S Aydin, Y Ozkan, AF Dagli, KO Akin, SP Guzel, Z Catak, ...
Molecular and cellular biochemistry 355 (1-2), 299-308, 2011
The cardiovascular system and the biochemistry of grafts used in heart surgery
S Aydin, S Aydin, MN Eren, İ Sahin, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, O Gungor
Springerplus 2 (1), 612, 2013
Effect of orlistat on the total ghrelin and leptin levels in obese patients
Y Ozkan, S Aydin, E Donder, SS Koca, S Aydin, B Ozkan, I Sahin
Journal of physiology and biochemistry 65 (3), 215-223, 2009
Changes in serum obestatin, preptin and ghrelins in patients with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Y Baykus, B Gurates, S Aydin, H Celik, B Kavak, A Aksoy, İ Sahin, R Deniz, ...
Clinical biochemistry 45 (3), 198-202, 2012
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