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Kerim Peren ARIN
Kerim Peren ARIN
Professor of Economics, Zayed University and Centre of Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The price of terror: The effects of terrorism on stock market returns and volatility
KP Arin, D Ciferri, N Spagnolo
Economics Letters 101 (3), 164-167, 2008
Revisiting the determinants of entrepreneurship: A Bayesian approach
KP Arin, VZ Huang, M Minniti, AM Nandialath, OFM Reich
Journal of Management 41 (2), 607-631, 2015
The effects of Privatization on Efficiency: How does privatization work?
C Okten, KP Arin
World Development 34 (9), 1537-1556, 2006
The endogenous and non‐linear relationship between terrorism and economic performance: Turkish evidence
B Araz‐Takay, KP Arin, T Omay
Defence and Peace Economics 20 (1), 1-10, 2009
The resource curse revisited: A Bayesian model averaging approach
KP Arin, E Braunfels
Energy Economics 70, 170-178, 2018
Fiscal multipliers in good times and bad times
KP Arin, F Koray, N Spagnolo
Journal of Macroeconomics 44, 303-311, 2015
The effects of tax policy on financial markets: G3 evidence
KP Arin, A Mamun, N Purushothman
Review of Financial Economics 18 (1), 33-46, 2009
Why are corrupt countries less successful in consolidating their budgets?
KP Arin, V Chmelarova, E Feess, A Wohlschlegel
Journal of Public Economics 95 (7-8), 521-530, 2011
Are some taxes different than others? An empirical investigation of the effects of tax policy in Canada
KP Arin, F Koray
Empirical Economics 31 (1), 183-193, 2006
The determinants of privatization prices: evidence from Turkey
KP Arin, C Okten
Applied Economics 35 (12), 1393-1404, 2003
Nonlinear Growth Effects Of Taxation: A Semi‐Parametric Approach Using Average Marginal Tax Rates
KP Arin, M Berlemann, F Koray, T Kuhlenkasper
Journal of Applied Econometrics 28 (5), 883-899, 2013
Beggar thy neighbor? The transmission of fiscal shocks from the US to Canada
KP Arin, F Koray
Open Economies Review 20 (3), 425-434, 2009
Revisiting the growth effects of fiscal policy: A Bayesian model averaging approach
KP Arin, E Braunfels, G Doppelhofer
Journal of Macroeconomics 62, 103158, 2019
Politics, stock markets, and model uncertainty
KP Arin, A Molchanov, OFM Reich
Empirical Economics 45 (1), 23-38, 2013
Fiscal policy, private investment and economic growth: evidence from G-7 countries
KP Arin
Private Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from G-7 Countries (April 2 …, 2004
Trans-tasman transmission of monetary shocks: Evidence from a VAR Approach
KP Arin, SP Jolly
Atlantic Economic Journal 33 (3), 267-283, 2005
Leviathan resists: the endogenous relationship between privatization and firm performance
KP Arin, MA Ulubaşoğlu
Public Choice 140 (1), 185-204, 2009
Do elite sports systems mean more Olympic medals
GS Martin, PK Arin, N Palakshappa, S Chetty
Retrieved July 15, 2005
Exploring the dynamics between terrorism and anti-terror spending: Theory and UK-evidence
KP Arin, O Lorz, OFM Reich, N Spagnolo
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 77 (2), 189-202, 2011
Revisiting loss aversion: Evidence from professional tennis
N Anbarci, KP Arin, T Kuhlenkasper, C Zenker
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 153, 1-18, 2018
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