Hamed Mansoori
Hamed Mansoori
Occidental Petroleum
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Pitting corrosion failure analysis of a wet gas pipeline
H Mansoori, R Mirzaee, F Esmaeilzadeh, A Vojood, AS Dowrani
Engineering Failure Analysis 82, 16-25, 2017
Influence of calcium and magnesium ions on CO2 corrosion of carbon steel in oil and gas production systems-a review
H Mansoori, D Young, B Brown, M Singer
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 59, 287-296, 2018
Feasibility study and economical evaluations of geothermal heat pumps in Iran
H Yousefi, H Ármannsson, S Roumi, S Tabasi, H Mansoori, ...
Geothermics 72, 64-73, 2018
Case study: Production benefits from increasing C-values
H Mansoori, F Esmaeilzadeh, D Mowla, AH Mohammadi
Oil & gas journal 111 (6), 64-73, 2013
Pitting corrosion failures of natural gas transmission pipelines
H Mansoori, R Mirzaee, A Mohammadi
IPTC 2013: International Petroleum Technology Conference, cp-350-00248, 2013
Acid washes, oxygenate scavengers work against gas gathering failures
H Mansoori, R Mirzaee, AH Mohammadi, F Esmaeilzadeh
Oil & gas journal 111 (7), 106-111, 2013
Altering CP criteria part of unified anti-SCC approach
H Mansoori, R Mirzaee, F Esmaeilzadeh, D Mowla
Oil & gas journal 111 (12), 2013
Modeling of wax deposition produced in the pipelines using PSO-ANFIS approach
ZQ Chu, J Sasanipour, M Saeedi, A Baghban, H Mansoori
Petroleum Science and Technology 35 (20), 1974-1981, 2017
Study finds simulation flaws in multiphase environment
H Mansoori, V Mobedifard, AM Kouhpeyma, AH Mohammadi
Oil Gas J 112 (11), 102-105, 2014
Natural gas hydrate deposits—an unconventional energy resource
H Mansoori, D Mowla, A Mohammadi
J. Explor. Prod. Oil Gas 1 (84), 33-38, 2012
Effect of CaCO3-saturated solution on CO2 corrosion of mild steel explored in a system with controlled water chemistry and well-defined mass transfer conditions
H Mansoori, D Young, B Brown, S Nesic, M Singer
Corrosion Science 158, 108078, 2019
pH effect microbial corrosion of corten steel and carbon steel in oily wastewater with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
H Mansouri, SA Alavi, R Javaherdashti, H Esmaeili, H Mansouri, ...
IOSR J Eng 4, 28-32, 2014
Effect of FexCayCO3 and CaCO3 Scales on the CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel
H Mansoori, B Brown, D Young, S Nešić, M Singer
Corrosion 75 (12), 1434-1449, 2019
Effect of Calcium Ions and CaCO3 Scale on the CO2 Corrosion Mechanism of Mild Steel
H Mansoori, D Young, B Brown, S Nesic, M Singer
NACE Corrosion International, Nashville, TN., 2019
On the Predictability of CO2 Pitting Corrosion in Multiphase Gas Pipelines-An Upstream Case Study
H Mansoori, R Mirzaee
CORROSION 2018, 2018
Effect of CaCO3-Saturated Aqueous Solutions on CO2 Corrosion of Carbon Steel
H Mansoori, D Young, B Brown, S Nesic, M Singer
ECS, Meeting Abstracts, 1065-1065, 2018
Investigations on the CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel in the Presence of Magnesium and Calcium Ions
H Mansoori, D Young, B Brown, S Nesic, M Singer
CORROSION 2020, 2020
Influence of Calcium and Magnesium Ions and their Carbonate Scales on CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel
H Mansoori
Ohio University, 2020
CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel Exposed to CaCO3-Saturated Aqueous Solutions
H Mansoori, D Young, B Brown, S Nesic, M Singer
Corrosion 75 (11), 1281-1284, 2019
Applying Higher C-Values in API RP 14E Erosion Velocity Calculations for Gas Condensate Wells–A Case Study
H Mansoori
NACE Corrosion International, Phoenix, AZ, 2018
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