Bengt Westermark
Bengt Westermark
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mechanism of action and in vivo role of platelet-derived growth factor
CH Heldin, B Westermark
Physiological reviews, 1999
Platelet-derived growth factor is structurally related to the putative transforming protein p28 sis of simian sarcoma virus
MD Waterfield, GT Scrace, N Whittle, P Stroobant, A Johnsson, ...
Nature 304 (5921), 35-39, 1983
Growth factors: mechanism of action and relation to oncogenes
CH Heldin, B Westermark
Cell 37 (1), 9-20, 1984
cDNA sequence and chromosomal localization of human platelet-derived growth factor A-chain and its expression in tumour cell lines
C Betsholtz, A Johnsson, CH Heldin, B Westermark, P Lind, MS Urdea, ...
Nature 320 (6064), 695-699, 1986
Platelet-derived growth factor and its receptors in human glioma tissue: expression of messenger RNA and protein suggests the presence of autocrine and paracrine loops
M Hermanson, K Funa, M Hartman, L Claesson-Welsh, CH Heldin, ...
Cancer research 52 (11), 3213-3219, 1992
A role for platelet-derived growth factor in normal gliogenesis in the central nervous system
WD Richardson, N Pringle, MJ Mosley, B Westermark, M Dubois-Dalcg
Cell 53 (2), 309-319, 1988
Stimulation of tyrosine-specific phosphorylation by platelet-derived growth factor
B Ek, B Westermark, Å Wasteson, CH Heldin
Nature 295 (5848), 419-420, 1982
Binding of different dimeric forms of PDGF to human fibroblasts: evidence for two separate receptor types.
CH Heldin, G Bäckström, A Ostman, A Hammacher, L Rönnstrand, ...
The EMBO journal 7 (5), 1387-1393, 1988
Platelet-derived growth factor: mechanism of action and possible in vivo function.
CH Heldin, B Westermark
Cell regulation 1 (8), 555-566, 1990
Platelet-derived growth factor: purification and partial characterization
CH Heldin, B Westermark, A Wasteson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 76 (8), 3722-3726, 1979
Specific receptors for platelet-derived growth factor on cells derived from connective tissue and glia
CH Heldin, B Westermark, A Wasteson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 78 (6), 3664-3668, 1981
cDNA cloning and expression of the human A-type platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) receptor establishes structural similarity to the B-type PDGF receptor
L Claesson-Welsh, A Eriksson, B Westermark, CH Heldin
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 86 (13), 4917-4921, 1989
A human osteosarcoma cell line secretes a growth factor structurally related to a homodimer of PDGF A-chains
CH Heldin, A Johnsson, S Wennergren, C Wernstedt, C Betsholtz, ...
Nature 319 (6053), 511-514, 1986
The c‐sis gene encodes a precursor of the B chain of platelet‐derived growth factor.
A Johnsson, CH Heldin, A Wasteson, B Westermark, TF Deuel, JS Huang, ...
The EMBO journal 3 (5), 921-928, 1984
Induction of inhibitory Smad6 and Smad7 mRNA by TGF-β family members
M Afrakhte, A Morén, S Jossan, S Itoh, K Sampath, B Westermark, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 249 (2), 505-511, 1998
Expression of messenger RNAs for platelet-derived growth factor and transforming growth factor-α and their receptors in human malignant glioma cell lines
M Nister, TA Libermann, C Betsholtz, M Pettersson, L Claesson-Welsh, ...
Cancer research 48 (14), 3910-3918, 1988
Mice lacking glial fibrillary acidic protein display astrocytes devoid of intermediate filaments but develop and reproduce normally.
M Pekny, P Leveen, M Pekna, C Eliasson, CH Berthold, B Westermark, ...
The EMBO journal 14 (8), 1590-1598, 1995
A major part of platelet-derived growth factor purified from human platelets is a heterodimer of one A and one B chain.
A Hammacher, U Hellman, A Johnsson, A Ostman, K Gunnarsson, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 263 (31), 16493-16498, 1988
Activation of the human c‐kit product by ligand‐induced dimerization mediates circular actin reorganization and chemotaxis.
P Blume‐Jensen, L Claesson‐Welsh, A Siegbahn, KM Zsebo, ...
The EMBO journal 10 (13), 4121-4128, 1991
Coexpression of the sis and myc proto-oncogenes in developing human placenta suggests autocrine control of trophoblast growth
AS Goustin, C Betsholtz, S Pfeifer-Ohlsson, H Persson, J Rydnert, ...
Cell 41 (1), 301-312, 1985
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