Muhammad Rafi Raza
Muhammad Rafi Raza
Department of Mechanical Engineering, COMSATS University Isalamabad, Sahiwal Campus üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Corrosion and surface modification on biocompatible metals: A review
RIM Asri, WSW Harun, M Samykano, NAC Lah, SAC Ghani, F Tarlochan, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 77, 1261-1274, 2017
Influence of alkaline treatment and fiber loading on the physical and mechanical properties of kenaf/polypropylene composites for variety of applications
MN Akhtar, AB Sulong, MKF Radzi, NF Ismail, MR Raza, N Muhamad, ...
Progress in Natural Science: Materials International 26 (6), 657-664, 2016
Characteristic properties of nanoclays and characterization of nanoparticulates and nanocomposites
MS Nazir, MHM Kassim, L Mohapatra, MA Gilani, MR Raza, K Majeed
Nanoclay reinforced polymer composites, 35-55, 2016
Nanoscale, tunable, and highly sensitive biosensor utilizing hyperbolic metamaterials in the near-infrared range
MA Baqir, A Farmani, T Fatima, MR Raza, SF Shaukat, A Mir
Applied optics 57 (31), 9447-9454, 2018
Y3Fe5O12 nanoparticulate garnet ferrites: Comprehensive study on the synthesis and characterization fabricated by various routes
MN Akhtar, MA Khan, M Ahmad, G Murtaza, R Raza, SF Shaukat, MH Asif, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 368, 393-400, 2014
Effects of cooling rate on mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of vacuum sintered powder injection molded 316L stainless steel
MR Raza, F Ahmad, MA Omar, RM German
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 212 (1), 164-170, 2012
Structural and magnetic properties of yttrium iron garnet (YIG) and yttrium aluminum iron garnet (YAIG) nanoferrites prepared by microemulsion method
MN Akhtar, AB Sulong, MA Khan, M Ahmad, G Murtaza, MR Raza, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 401, 425-431, 2016
Autoclave and ultra-sonication treatments of oil palm empty fruit bunch fibers for cellulose extraction and its polypropylene composite properties
MA Abdullah, MS Nazir, MR Raza, BA Wahjoedi, AW Yussof
Journal of cleaner production 126, 686-697, 2016
Structural, morphological, dielectric and magnetic characterizations of Ni0. 6Cu0. 2Zn0. 2Fe2O4 (NCZF/MWCNTs/PVDF) nanocomposites for multilayer chip inductor (MLCI) applications
MN Akhtar, MA Khan, MR Raza, M Ahmad, G Murtaza, R Raza, ...
Ceramics International 40 (10), 15821-15829, 2014
Effects of binder system and processing parameters on formability of porous Ti/HA composite through powder injection molding
MR Raza, AB Sulong, N Muhamad, MN Akhtar, J Rajabi
Materials & Design 87, 386-392, 2015
The effect of nano-sized stainless steel powder addition on mechanical and physical properties of micropowder injection molded part
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Binder removal from powder injection molded 316L stainless steel
MR Raza, F Ahmad, MA Omar, RM German
JApSc 11 (11), 2042-2047, 2011
The role of multi-wall carbon nanotubes in char strength of epoxy based intumescent fire retardant coating
S Ullah, F Ahmad, AM Shariff, MR Raza, PJ Masset
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 124, 149-160, 2017
Effects of solid loading and cooling rate on the mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of powder injection molded 316 L stainless steel
MR Raza, F Ahmad, N Muhamad, AB Sulong, MA Omar, MN Akhtar, ...
Powder technology 289, 135-142, 2016
Evaluation of thermal, morphological and mechanical properties of PMMA/NaCl/DMF electrospun nanofibers: an investigation through surface methodology approach
MN Akhtar, AB Sulong, SA Karim, CH Azhari, MR Raza
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Investigation of rheological behavior of low pressure injection molded stainless steel feedstocks
M Aslam, F Ahmad, PSMBM Yusoff, K Altaf, MA Omar, HPS Abdul Khalil, ...
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2016, 2016
Development and strengthening of 2219 aluminium alloy by mechanical working and heat treatment
MR Raza, F Ahmad, N Ikram, R Ahmad, A Salam
JApSc 11 (10), 1857-1861, 2011
Morphology and tensile properties of thermoplastic polyurethane-halloysite nanotube nanocomposites.
TS Gaaz, AB Sulong, MN Akhtar, MR Raza
International Journal of Automotive & Mechanical Engineering 12, 2015
Micro-powder injection molding (μPIM) of tungsten carbide
SY Heng, MR Raza, N Muhamad, AB Sulong, A Fayyaz
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 45, 189-195, 2014
A review of processing techniques for graphene-reinforced metal matrix composites
A Naseer, F Ahmad, M Aslam, BH Guan, WSW Harun, N Muhamad, ...
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 34 (9), 957-985, 2019
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