Aubrey Hillman
Aubrey Hillman
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Environmental legacy of copper metallurgy and Mongol silver smelting recorded in Yunnan Lake sediments
AL Hillman, MB Abbott, JQ Yu, DJ Bain, TH Chiou-Peng
Environmental Science & Technology 49 (6), 3349-3357, 2015
Rapid environmental change during dynastic transitions in Yunnan Province, China
AL Hillman, JQ Yu, MB Abbott, CA Cooke, DJ Bain, BA Steinman
Quaternary Science Reviews 98, 24-32, 2014
Sediment delivery and lake dynamics in a Mediterranean mountain watershed: Human-climate interactions during the last millennium (El Tobar Lake record, Iberian Range, Spain)
F Barreiro-Lostres, E Brown, A Moreno, M Morellón, M Abbott, A Hillman, ...
Science of the total Environment 533, 506-519, 2015
An 8,600 year lacustrine record of summer monsoon variability from Yunnan, China
AL Hillman, MB Abbott, MS Finkenbinder, JQ Yu
Quaternary Science Reviews 174, 120-132, 2017
The isotopic response of Lake Chenghai, SW China, to hydrologic modification from human activity
AL Hillman, MB Abbott, JQ Yu, BA Steinman, DJ Bain
The Holocene 26 (6), 906-916, 2016
Oxygen isotope records of Holocene climate variability in the Pacific Northwest
BA Steinman, DP Pompeani, MB Abbott, JD Ortiz, ND Stansell, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 142, 40-60, 2016
Lead pollution resulting from Roman gold extraction in northwestern Spain
AL Hillman, MB Abbott, BL Valero-Garcés, M Morellon, F Barreiro-Lostres, ...
The Holocene 27 (10), 1465-1474, 2017
Regionally consistent Western North America paleomagnetic directions from 15 to 35 ka: assessing chronology and uncertainty with paleosecular variation (PSV) stratigraphy
BT Reilly, JS Stoner, RG Hatfield, MB Abbott, DW Marchetti, DJ Larsen, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 201, 186-205, 2018
The environmental impact of a pre-Columbian city based on geochemical insights from lake sediment cores recovered near Cahokia
DP Pompeani, AL Hillman, MS Finkenbinder, DJ Bain, A Correa-Metrio, ...
Quaternary Research 91 (2), 714-728, 2019
PaCTS 1.0: a crowdsourced reporting standard for paleoclimate data
D Khider, J Emile‐Geay, NP McKay, Y Gil, D Garijo, V Ratnakar, ...
Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology 34 (10), 1570-1596, 2019
Two millennia of anthropogenic landscape modification and nutrient loading at Dian Lake, Yunnan Province, China
AL Hillman, A Yao, MB Abbott, DJ Bain
The Holocene 29 (3), 505-517, 2019
Resilience of the Human-Water System at the Southern Silk Road: A Case Study of the Northern Catchment of Erhai Lake, China (1382–1912)
A Xu, LE Yang, W Yang, AL Hillman
Socio-Environmental Dynamics along the Historical Silk Road, 325-358, 2019
Reconstructing early industrial contributions to legacy trace metal contamination in southwestern Pennsylvania
RJ Rossi, DJ Bain, AL Hillman, DP Pompeani, MS Finkenbinder, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 51 (8), 4173-4181, 2017
A Holocene history of the Indian monsoon from Qilu Lake, southwestern China
AL Hillman, RF O’Quinn, MB Abbott, DJ Bain
Quaternary Science Reviews 227, 106051, 2020
Climate and anthropogenic controls on the carbon cycle of Xingyun Lake, China
AL Hillman, MB Abbott, JQ Yu
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 501, 70-81, 2018
Lake Martin, Louisiana sediments as a record of geomorphology, paleoenvironment, and human activities
AL Hillman, S St Romain
Journal of Palaeolimnology 64 (2), 91-105, 2020
Vegetation, climate and human impact since 20 ka in central Yunnan Province based on high-resolution pollen and charcoal records from Dianchi, southwestern China
X Xiao, A Yao, A Hillman, J Shen, SG Haberle
Quaternary Science Reviews 236, 106297, 2020
Elemental Analysis of Lake Sediment Archives from Lakes Qilu and Yilong, Yunnan Province, China
M Griffore, AL Hillman, MB Abbott, D Bain, D Wu, RM Lincoln, ...
AGUFM 2019, H33Q-2264, 2019
J Goodin, AL Hillman, BR Vining
GSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, USA-2019, 2019
D3. Quaternary Geology, Geomorphology, Paleoclimate, and Limnogeology
AL Hillman
Joint 53rd South-Central/53rd North-Central/71st Rocky Mtn Section Meeting-2019, 2019
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