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Yinhua Zhou
Yinhua Zhou
Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A universal method to produce low–work function electrodes for organic electronics
Y Zhou, C Fuentes-Hernandez, J Shim, J Meyer, AJ Giordano, H Li, ...
Science 336 (6079), 327-332, 2012
Recyclable organic solar cells on cellulose nanocrystal substrates
Y Zhou, C Fuentes-Hernandez, TM Khan, JC Liu, J Hsu, JW Shim, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-5, 2013
A semitransparent inorganic perovskite film for overcoming ultraviolet light instability of organic solar cells and achieving 14.03% efficiency
W Chen, J Zhang, G Xu, R Xue, Y Li, Y Zhou, J Hou, Y Li
Advanced Materials 30 (21), 1800855, 2018
Enhanced ion conductivity in conducting polymer binder for high‐performance silicon anodes in advanced lithium‐ion batteries
W Zeng, L Wang, X Peng, T Liu, Y Jiang, F Qin, L Hu, PK Chu, K Huo, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (11), 1702314, 2018
High performance polymeric charge recombination layer for organic tandem solar cells
Y Zhou, C Fuentes-Hernandez, JW Shim, TM Khan, B Kippelen
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (12), 9827-9832, 2012
Investigation on polymer anode design for flexible polymer solar cells
Y Zhou, F Zhang, K Tvingstedt, S Barrau, F Li, W Tian, O Inganäs
Applied Physics Letters 92 (23), 212, 2008
Nickel oxide nanoparticles for efficient hole transport in pin and nip perovskite solar cells
Z Liu, A Zhu, F Cai, LM Tao, Y Zhou, Z Zhao, Q Chen, YB Cheng, H Zhou
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (14), 6597-6605, 2017
Chlorine-incorporation-induced formation of the layered phase for antimony-based lead-free perovskite solar cells
F Jiang, D Yang, Y Jiang, T Liu, X Zhao, Y Ming, B Luo, F Qin, J Fan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (3), 1019-1027, 2018
Improved performance of printable perovskite solar cells with bifunctional conjugated organic molecule
Y Hu, Z Zhang, A Mei, Y Jiang, X Hou, Q Wang, K Du, Y Rong, Y Zhou, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (11), 1705786, 2018
Inverted and transparent polymer solar cells prepared with vacuum-free processing
Y Zhou, F Li, S Barrau, W Tian, O Inganäs, F Zhang
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 93 (4), 497-500, 2009
Indium tin oxide-free and metal-free semitransparent organic solar cells
Y Zhou, H Cheun, S Choi, WJ Potscavage Jr, C Fuentes-Hernandez, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (15), 223, 2010
Free‐standing conducting polymer films for high‐performance energy devices
Z Li, G Ma, R Ge, F Qin, X Dong, W Meng, T Liu, J Tong, F Jiang, Y Zhou, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (3), 979-982, 2016
X-shaped oligothiophenes as a new class of electron donors for bulk-heterojunction solar cells
X Sun, Y Zhou, W Wu, Y Liu, W Tian, G Yu, W Qiu, S Chen, D Zhu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (15), 7702-7707, 2006
Electrical and optical properties of ZnO processed by atomic layer deposition in inverted polymer solar cells
H Cheun, C Fuentes-Hernandez, Y Zhou, WJ Potscavage Jr, SJ Kim, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (48), 20713-20718, 2010
A two-terminal perovskite/perovskite tandem solar cell
F Jiang, T Liu, B Luo, J Tong, F Qin, S Xiong, Z Li, Y Zhou
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (4), 1208-1213, 2016
12.5% flexible nonfullerene solar cells by passivating the chemical interaction between the active layer and polymer interfacial layer
S Xiong, L Hu, L Hu, L Sun, F Qin, X Liu, M Fahlman, Y Zhou
Advanced Materials 31 (22), 1806616, 2019
A vertically integrated solar‐powered electrochromic window for energy efficient buildings
AL Dyer, RH Bulloch, Y Zhou, B Kippelen, JR Reynolds, F Zhang
Advanced Materials 26 (28), 4895-4900, 2014
Conductivity enhancement of PEDOT: PSS films via phosphoric acid treatment for flexible all-plastic solar cells
W Meng, R Ge, Z Li, J Tong, T Liu, Q Zhao, S Xiong, F Jiang, L Mao, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (25), 14089-14094, 2015
Highly stretchable conductive glue for high‐performance silicon anodes in advanced lithium‐ion batteries
L Wang, T Liu, X Peng, W Zeng, Z Jin, W Tian, B Gao, Y Zhou, PK Chu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (3), 1704858, 2018
Eliminated hysteresis and stabilized power output over 20% in planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells by compositional and surface modifications to the low-temperature …
F Cai, L Yang, Y Yan, J Zhang, F Qin, D Liu, YB Cheng, Y Zhou, T Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (19), 9402-9411, 2017
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