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Wei Zhong
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mesoporous MoO3-x material as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reactions
Z Luo
Advanced Energy Materials, 2016
Mesoporous iron sulfide for highly efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
R Miao, B Dutta, S Sahoo, J He, W Zhong, SA Cetegen, T Jiang, SP Alpay, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (39), 13604-13607, 2017
Mesoporous TiO2 modified with carbon quantum dots as a high-performance visible light photocatalyst
R Miao
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 189, 26-38, 2016
Synthesis of mesoporous iron oxides by an inverse micelle method and their application in the degradation of orange II under visible light at neutral pH
T Jiang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (19), 10454–10468, 2015
Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported Nickel–Manganese–Cobalt Spinel Ternary Oxide Nanocomposites and Their Chemically Converted Sulfide Nanocomposites as Efficient Electrocatalysts …
R Miao
ACS Catalysis 7 (1), 819–832, 2017
Au–carbon electronic interaction mediated selective oxidation of styrene
B Liu, P Wang, A Lopes, L Jin, W Zhong, Y Pei, SL Suib, J He
ACS Catalysis 7 (5), 3483-3488, 2017
Hierarchical Mesoporous NiO/MnO2@PANI Core–Shell Microspheres, Highly Efficient and Stable Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution and Reduction …
J He, M Wang, W Wang, R Miao, W Zhong, SY Chen, S Poges, T Jafari, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (49), 42676-42687, 2017
Mechanism studies on methyl orange dye degradation by perovskite-type LaNiO3-δ under dark ambient conditions
W Zhong, T Jiang, Y Dang, J He, SY Chen, CH Kuo, D Kriz, Y Meng, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 549, 302-309, 2018
Siloxane D4 adsorption by mesoporous aluminosilicates
T Jiang
Chemical Engineering Journal 289, 356-364, 2016
Synthesis of mesoporous γ-Fe2O3 supported palladium nanoparticles and investigation of their roles as magnetically recyclable catalysts for nitrobenzene hydrogenation
T Jiang
Applied Catalysis A: General 502, 105-113, 2015
Modified mesoporous silica for efficient siloxane capture
T Jafari
Langmuir, 2016
Novel Ni-Ba1+xZr0.3Ce0.5Y0.2O3−δ hydrogen electrodes as effective reduction barriers for reversible solid oxide cells based on doped ceria electrolyte thin film
Y Rao
Journal of Power Sources 199, 142-145, 2012
Sensitive and selective NH3 monitoring at room temperature using ZnO ceramic nanofibers decorated with poly (styrene sulfonate)
RS Andre, D Kwak, Q Dong, W Zhong, DS Correa, LHC Mattoso, Y Lei
Sensors 18 (4), 1058, 2018
Ultrafine and Ligand‐Free Precious Metal (Ru, Ag, Au, Rh and Pd) Nanoclusters Supported on Phosphorus‐Doped Carbon
B Liu, L Jin, W Zhong, A Lopes, SL Suib, J He
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (11), 2565-2569, 2018
Electrochemical and surface-plasmon correlation of a serum-autoantibody immunoassay with binding insights: Graphenyl surface versus mercapto-monolayer surface
G Premaratne, J Niroula, MK Patel, W Zhong, SL Suib, AK Kalkan, ...
Analytical chemistry 90 (21), 12456-12463, 2018
TiO2 Supported gold–palladium catalyst for effective syngas production from methane partial oxidation
Z Luo, DA Kriz, R Miao, CH Kuo, W Zhong, C Guild, J He, B Willis, Y Dang, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 554, 54-63, 2018
Modified inverse micelle synthesis for mesoporous alumina with a high D4 siloxane adsorption capacity
W Zhong
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 239, 328-335, 2017
Direct Synthesis of Conformal Layered Protonated Titanate Nanoarray Coatings on Various Substrate Surfaces Boosted by Low-Temperature Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis
X Lu, S Hoang, W Tang, S Du, S Wang, F Liu, W Zhong, SL Suib, G Yang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (41), 35164-35174, 2018
Calcium doped Y3Fe5O12 as a new cathode material for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
W Zhong
Journal of Power Sources 213, 140-144, 2012
Effect of Gd substitution on the structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric properties of HoCrO3
S Yin, W Zhong, CJ Guild, J Shi, SL Suib, LF Cótica, M Jain
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (5), 053904, 2018
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