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Senol Ataoglu
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Structural and mechanical properties of ZnMgO nanoparticles
M Tosun, S Ataoglu, L Arda, O Ozturk, E Asikuzun, D Akcan, O Cakiroglu
Materials Science and Engineering: A 590, 416-422, 2014
Structural and mechanical properties of transition metals doped ZnMgO nanoparticles
L Arda, O Ozturk, E Asikuzun, S Ataoglu
Powder technology 235, 479-484, 2013
Structural and mechanical properties of (Co/Mg) co-doped nano ZnO
E Asikuzun, A Donmez, L Arda, O Cakiroglu, O Ozturk, D Akcan, M Tosun, ...
Ceramics International 41 (5), 6326-6334, 2015
Effect of irradiation by 140 Mev Ag11+ ions on the optical and electrical properties of polypropylene/TiO2 composite
A Qureshi, D Singh, NL Singh, S Ataoglu, AN Gulluoglu, A Tripathi, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2009
Residual stress analysis of multi-layered buffer layers on Ni substrate for YBCO coated conductor
L Arda, S Ataoglu, S Sezer, Z Abdulaliyev
Surface and Coatings Technology 202 (3), 439-446, 2007
Thermal stresses in butt-jointed thick plates from different materials
Z Abdulaliyev, S Ataoglu, D Guney
Welding Journal-New York- 86 (7), 201, 2007
Effect of temperature and film thickness on microstructure and residual stress for YbBCO-coated conductors
L Arda, S Ataoglu
Journal of alloys and compounds 471 (1-2), 282-290, 2009
Three-dimensional stress state around corrosive cavities on pressure vessels
Z Abdulaliyev, S Ataoglu, O Bulut, ES Kayali
Journal of pressure vessel technology 132 (2), 2010
Stress analysis of ceramic insulation coating on Cu/MgB2 wires for W&R MgB2 coils
L Arda, S Ataoglu, Z Abdulaliyev, OA Sacli
Journal of alloys and compounds 470 (1-2), 404-407, 2009
An Analytical Model for Compressive Creep Behavior of HDPE Used in Plastic Pipe Manufacturing
S Sezer, S Ataoglu, AN Gulluoglu, N Kadioglu
Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering 47 (12), 1302-1307, 2008
Analysis of long-term of high-density polyethylene pipe
DV Reddy, C Gazagnaire, S Ataoglu
Journal of advanced materials 39 (1), 63-79, 2007
A BEM implementation for 2D problems in plane orthotropic elasticity
N Kadioglu, S Ataoglu
Structural engineering and mechanics: An international journal 26 (5), 591-615, 2007
Effect of Temperature and Film Thickness on Residual Stress and Texture ofBuffer Layers for YBCO Coated Conductor
L Arda, S Ataoglu, O Bulut
IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity 19 (3), 3291-3294, 2009
Analysis of jointed HDPE pipe
DV Reddy, S Ataoglu
Journal of advanced materials 36 (3), 43-50, 2004
Investigation of flexural creep for high-density polyethylene pipe
DV Reddy, WS Ahn, S Ataoglu
Journal of advanced materials 36 (4), 18-24, 2004
Experimental analysis of buried high density polyethylene pipes
DV Reddy
Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 26 (3), 293-300, 2002
Effect of Poisson’s ratio on three-dimensional stress distribution
Z Abdulaliyev, S Ataoglu
Journal of applied mechanics 76 (1), 2009
Use of the reciprocity theorem for axially symmetric transient problems
N Kadioglu, S Ataoglu
Archive of Applied Mechanics 74 (5), 325-337, 2005
Thermal stress concentration in plates from different materials
Z Abdulaliyev, M Bakioglu, S Ataoglu, Z Kurtkaya, AN Gulluoglu
Journal of aircraft 49 (3), 941-946, 2012
Propagation of axial symmetric, transient waves from a cylindrical cavity
N Kadioglu, S Ataoglu
KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 14 (4), 565-577, 2010
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