Fengling Han
Fengling Han
RMIT University, Australia
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On nonsingular terminal sliding-mode control of nonlinear systems
Y Feng, X Yu, F Han
Automatica 49 (6), 1715-1722, 2013
Chattering free full-order sliding-mode control
Y Feng, F Han, X Yu
Automatica 50 (4), 1310-1314, 2014
Generating 3-D multi-scroll chaotic attractors: A hysteresis series switching method
J Lü, F Han, X Yu, G Chen
Automatica 40 (10), 1677-1687, 2004
On the cluster consensus of discrete-time multi-agent systems
Y Chen, J Lü, F Han, X Yu
Systems & Control Letters 60 (7), 517-523, 2011
High-order terminal sliding-mode observer for parameter estimation of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Y Feng, X Yu, F Han
IEEE Transactions on industrial electronics 60 (10), 4272-4280, 2012
Enhanced gradient-based algorithm for the estimation of fingerprint orientation fields
Y Wang, J Hu, F Han
Applied Mathematics and Computation 185 (2), 823-833, 2007
A fingerprint based bio‐cryptographic security protocol designed for client/server authentication in mobile computing environment
K Xi, T Ahmad, F Han, J Hu
Security and communication networks 4 (5), 487-499, 2011
A pixel-based scrambling scheme for digital medical images protection
J Hu, F Han
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 32 (4), 788-794, 2009
Fingerprint images encryption via multi-scroll chaotic attractors
F Han, J Hu, X Yu, Y Wang
Applied Mathematics and Computation 185 (2), 931-939, 2007
Improved baker map for image encryption
F Han, X Yu, S Han
2006 1st International Symposium on Systems and Control in Aerospace and …, 2006
Locating phase-to-ground short-circuit faults on radial distribution lines
F Han, X Yu, M Al-Dabbagh, Y Wang
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 54 (3), 1581-1590, 2007
Generating multi-scroll chaotic attractors via a linear second-order hysteresis system
F Han, J Lü, X Yu, G Chen, Y Feng
Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems Series B …, 2005
N-scroll chaotic oscillators by second-order systems and double-hysteresis blocks
F Han, X Yu, Y Wang, Y Feng, G Chen
Electronics Letters 39 (23), 1636, 2003
A chaos‐based encryption technique to protect ECG packets for time critical telecardiology applications
F Sufi, F Han, I Khalil, J Hu
Security and Communication Networks 4 (5), 515-524, 2011
A novel hybrid crypto-biometric authentication scheme for ATM based banking applications
F Han, J Hu, X Yu, Y Feng, J Zhou
International Conference on Biometrics, 675-681, 2006
A secure verifiable ranked choice online voting system based on homomorphic encryption
X Yang, X Yi, S Nepal, A Kelarev, F Han
IEEE Access 6, 20506-20519, 2018
Full-order terminal sliding-mode control of MIMO systems with unmatched uncertainties
Y Feng, M Zhou, X Zheng, F Han, X Yu
Journal of the Franklin Institute 355 (2), 653-674, 2018
Robust coordination control of switching multi-agent systems via output regulation approach
X Wang, F Han
Kybernetika 47 (5), 755-772, 2011
Robust estimation for state-of-charge and state-of-health of lithium-ion batteries using integral-type terminal sliding-mode observers
Y Feng, C Xue, QL Han, F Han, J Du
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 67 (5), 4013-4023, 2019
Generation of reliable PINs from fingerprints
F Han, J Hu, L He, Y Wang
2007 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 1191-1196, 2007
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