Orazio Romeo
Orazio Romeo
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
First molecular method for discriminating between Candida africana, Candida albicans, and Candida dubliniensis by using hwp1 gene
O Romeo, G Criseo
Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease 62 (2), 230-233, 2008
Gene flow contributes to diversification of the major fungal pathogen Candida albicans
J Ropars, C Maufrais, D Diogo, M Marcet-Houben, A Perin, N Sertour, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-10, 2018
Candida africana and its closest relatives
O Romeo, G Criseo
Mycoses 54 (6), 475-486, 2011
Importance of Resolving Fungal Nomenclature: the Case of Multiple Pathogenic Species in the Cryptococcus Genus
F Hagen, HT Lumbsch, V Arsic Arsenijevic, H Badali, S Bertout, ...
Msphere 2 (4), e00238-17, 2017
Current methods for identifying clinically important cryptic Candida species
G Criseo, F Scordino, O Romeo
Journal of microbiological methods 111, 50-56, 2015
New insight into molecular phylogeny and epidemiology of Sporothrix schenckii species complex based on calmodulin-encoding gene analysis of Italian isolates
O Romeo, F Scordino, G Criseo
Mycopathologia 172 (3), 179-186, 2011
Environmental distribution of Cryptococcus neoformans and C. gattii around the Mediterranean basin
M Cogliati, R D'Amicis, A Zani, MT Montagna, G Caggiano, O De Giglio, ...
FEMS yeast research 16 (4), 2016
Development and optimization of a new MALDI-TOF protocol for identification of the Sporothrix species complex
MME Oliveira, C Santos, P Sampaio, O Romeo, R Almeida-Paes, C Pais, ...
Research in Microbiology 166 (2), 102-110, 2015
High genetic variability in non-aflatoxigenic A. flavus strains by using Quadruplex PCR-based assay
G Criseo, C Racco, O Romeo
International journal of food microbiology 125 (3), 341-343, 2008
Hypoxia-inducible factor α and Hif-prolyl hydroxylase characterization and gene expression in short-time air-exposed Mytilus galloprovincialis
A Giannetto, M Maisano, T Cappello, S Oliva, V Parrino, A Natalotto, ...
Marine biotechnology 17 (6), 768-781, 2015
Molecular Epidemiology of Candida albicans and Its Closely Related Yeasts Candida dubliniensis and Candida africana
O Romeo, G Criseo
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 47 (1), 212-214, 2009
A multiplex PCR protocol for rapid identification of Candida glabrata and its phylogenetically related species Candida nivariensis and Candida bracarensis
O Romeo, F Scordino, I Pernice, CL Passo, G Criseo
Journal of microbiological methods 79 (1), 117-120, 2009
Potential association of specific Candida parapsilosis genotypes, bloodstream infections and colonization of health workers' hands
D Delfino, F Scordino, I Pernice, CL Passo, R Galbo, A David, I Barberi, ...
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 20 (11), O946-O951, 2014
Isolation and molecular characterization of Candida africana from Jos, Nigeria
NE Nnadi, GM Ayanbimpe, F Scordino, MO Okolo, IB Enweani, G Criseo, ...
Medical mycology 50 (7), 765-767, 2012
Amplification of the Hyphal Wall Protein 1 Gene To Distinguish Candida albicans from Candida dubliniensis
O Romeo, C Racco, G Criseo
Journal of clinical microbiology 44 (7), 2590-2592, 2006
Morphological, biochemical and molecular characterisation of the first Italian Candida africana isolate
O Romeo, G Criseo
Mycoses 52 (5), 454-457, 2009
Ribosomal DNA sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of environmental Sporothrix schenckii strains: comparison with clinical isolates
G Criseo, O Romeo
Mycopathologia 169 (5), 351-358, 2010
Cryptococcus neoformans/Cryptococcus gattii species complex in southern Italy: an overview on the environmental diffusion of serotypes, genotypes and mating-types
O Romeo, F Scordino, V Chillemi, G Criseo
Mycopathologia 174 (4), 283-291, 2012
Candida africana: Is It a Fungal Pathogen?
O Romeo, HJ Tietz, G Criseo
Current Fungal Infection Reports 7 (3), 192-197, 2013
Lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis in an immunocompetent patient: a case report from extreme southern Italy
G Criseo, G Malara, O Romeo, AP Guerra
Mycopathologia 166 (3), 159-162, 2008
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