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Uri Maoz
Uri Maoz
Assistant Professor of Computational Neuroscience, Chapman University; Visiting Assistant Professor
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Data augmentation for deep-learning-based electroencephalography
E Lashgari, D Liang, U Maoz
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 346, 108885, 2020
Theta-burst microstimulation in the human entorhinal area improves memory specificity
AS Titiz, MRH Hill, EA Mankin, Z M Aghajan, D Eliashiv, N Tchemodanov, ...
elife 6, e29515, 2017
Neural precursors of decisions that matter—an ERP study of deliberate and arbitrary choice
U Maoz, G Yaffe, C Koch, L Mudrik
Elife 8, e39787, 2019
An automated machine learning-based model predicts postoperative mortality using readily-extractable preoperative electronic health record data
BL Hill, R Brown, E Gabel, N Rakocz, C Lee, M Cannesson, P Baldi, ...
British journal of anaesthesia 123 (6), 877-886, 2019
Identifying depression in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data using a deep learning algorithm
J Oh, K Yun, U Maoz, TS Kim, JH Chae
Journal of affective disorders 257, 623-631, 2019
“Me & my brain”: exposing neuroscience's closet dualism
L Mudrik, U Maoz
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 27 (2), 211-221, 2015
Three-dimensional arm movements at constant equi-affine speed
FE Pollick, U Maoz, AA Handzel, PJ Giblin, G Sapiro, T Flash
Cortex 45 (3), 325-339, 2009
Complex unconstrained three-dimensional hand movement and constant equi-affine speed
U Maoz, A Berthoz, T Flash
Journal of neurophysiology 101 (2), 1002-1015, 2009
What does recent neuroscience tell us about criminal responsibility?
U Maoz, G Yaffe
Journal of Law and the Biosciences 3 (1), 120-139, 2016
Examining the utility of nonlinear machine learning approaches versus linear regression for predicting body image outcomes: The US Body Project I
D Liang, DA Frederick, EE Lledo, N Rosenfield, V Berardi, E Linstead, ...
Body Image 41, 32-45, 2022
Noise and the two-thirds power law
U Maoz, E Portugaly, T Flash, Y Weiss
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 18, 2005
On reporting the onset of the intention to move
U Maoz, L Mudrik, R Rivlin, I Ross, A Mamelak, G Yaffe
Surrounding free will: Philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, 184-202, 2015
Free will without consciousness?
L Mudrik, IG Arie, Y Amir, Y Shir, P Hieronymi, U Maoz, T O'Connor, ...
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 26 (7), 555-566, 2022
An end-to-end CNN with attentional mechanism applied to raw EEG in a BCI classification task
E Lashgari, J Ott, A Connelly, P Baldi, U Maoz
Journal of Neural Engineering 18 (4), 0460e3, 2021
Predeliberation activity in prefrontal cortex and striatum and the prediction of subsequent value judgment
U Maoz, U Rutishauser, S Kim, X Cai, D Lee, C Koch
Frontiers in neuroscience 7, 225, 2013
Predicting action content on-line and in real time before action onset–an intracranial human study
U Maoz, S Ye, I Ross, A Mamelak, C Koch
Advances in neural information processing systems 25, 2012
Free will: Philosophers and neuroscientists in conversation
U Maoz, W Sinnott-Armstrong
Oxford University Press, 2022
Spatial constant equi-affine speed and motion perception
U Maoz, T Flash
Journal of neurophysiology 111 (2), 336-349, 2014
A NWB-based dataset and processing pipeline of human single-neuron activity during a declarative memory task
N Chandravadia, D Liang, AGP Schjetnan, A Carlson, M Faraut, ...
Scientific Data 7 (1), 78, 2020
Online real time (ort) computer based prediction system
U Maoz, YE Shengxuan, C Koch
US Patent App. 13/921,118, 2013
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