Prof. Philippe BLANC
Prof. Philippe BLANC
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
McClear: a new model estimating downwelling solar radiation at ground level in clear-sky conditions
M Lefevre, A Oumbe, P Blanc, B Espinar, B Gschwind, Z Qu, L Wald, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 6 (9), 2403-2418, 2013
Best practices handbook for the collection and use of solar resource data for solar energy applications
M Sengupta, A Habte, S Wilbert, C Gueymard, J Remund
National Renewable Energy Lab.(NREL), Golden, CO (United States), 2021
Direct normal irradiance related definitions and applications: The circumsolar issue
P Blanc, B Espinar, N Geuder, C Gueymard, R Meyer, R Pitz-Paal, ...
Solar Energy 110, 561-577, 2014
The HelioClim project: Surface solar irradiance data for climate applications
P Blanc, B Gschwind, M Lefèvre, L Wald
Remote Sensing 3 (2), 343-361, 2011
Preliminary survey on site-adaptation techniques for satellite-derived and reanalysis solar radiation datasets
J Polo, S Wilbert, JA Ruiz-Arias, R Meyer, C Gueymard, M Suri, L Martín, ...
Solar Energy 132, 25-37, 2016
Solar radiation climate in Africa
L Diabate, P Blanc, L Wald
Solar Energy 76 (6), 733-744, 2004
The SG2 algorithm for a fast and accurate computation of the position of the Sun for multi-decadal time period
P Blanc, L Wald
Solar Energy 86 (10), 3072-3083, 2012
Fast radiative transfer parameterisation for assessing the surface solar irradiance: The Heliosat-4 method
Z Qu, A Oumbe, P Blanc, B Espinar, G Gesell, B GSCHwIND, L KLüSER, ...
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 26 (1), 33-57, 2017
Very short term forecasting of the global horizontal irradiance using a spatio-temporal autoregressive model
R Dambreville, P Blanc, J Chanussot, D Boldo
Renewable Energy 72, 291-300, 2014
Using iterated rational filter banks within the ARSIS concept for producing 10m Landsat multispectral images
P Blanc, T Blu, T Ranchin, L Wald, R Aloisi
International journal of remote sensing 19 (12), 2331-2343, 1998
LCA of emerging technologies: addressing high uncertainty on inputs' variability when performing global sensitivity analysis
M Lacirignola, P Blanc, R Girard, P Pérez-López, I Blanc
Science of the Total Environment 578, 268-280, 2017
Towards a standardized procedure to assess solar forecast accuracy: A new ramp and time alignment metric
L Vallance, B Charbonnier, N Paul, S Dubost, P Blanc
Solar Energy 150, 408-422, 2017
Accuracy of ground surface broadband shortwave radiation monitoring
L Vuilleumier, M Hauser, C Félix, F Vignola, P Blanc, A Kazantzidis, ...
Journal of geophysical research: atmospheres 119 (24), 13,838-13,860, 2014
Validation of the surface downwelling solar irradiance estimates of the HelioClim-3 database in Egypt
Y Eissa, M Korany, Y Aoun, M Boraiy, MM Abdel Wahab, SC Alfaro, ...
Remote Sensing 7 (7), 9269-9291, 2015
Decoupling the effects of clear atmosphere and clouds to simplify calculations of the broadband solar irradiance at ground level
A Oumbe, Z Qu, P Blanc, M Lefèvre, L Wald, S Cros
Geoscientific Model Development 7 (4), 1661-1669, 2014
The operational calibration of images taken in the visible channel of the meteosat series of satellites
C Rigollier, M Lefèvre, P Blanc, L Wald
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 19 (9), 1285-1293, 2002
Validation of an all‐sky imager–based nowcasting system for industrial PV plants
P Kuhn, B Nouri, S Wilbert, C Prahl, N Kozonek, T Schmidt, Z Yasser, ...
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 26 (8), 608-621, 2018
Review of satellite-based surface solar irradiation databases for the engineering, the financing and the operating of photovoltaic systems
C Vernay, S Pitaval, P Blanc
Energy Procedia 57, 1383-1391, 2014
A method to better account for modulation transfer functions in ARSIS-based pansharpening methods
P Massip, P Blanc, L Wald
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 50 (3), 800-808, 2011
First steps in the cross-comparison of solar resource spatial products in Europe
M Suri, J Remund, T Cebecauer, D Dumortier, L Wald, T Huld, P Blanc
EUROSUN 2008, 1st International Conference on Solar Heating, Cooling and …, 2008
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