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Dr.Zafer Bozkuş
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
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Z Bozkus, O Yildiz
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Improved one-dimensional models for rapid emptying and filling of pipelines
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Energy dissipation by vertically placed screens
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Effect of Pier Inclination Angle on Local Scour Depth Around Bridge Pier Groups
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Numerical and experimental investigation of damping in a dam-break problem with fluid-structure interaction
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MC Özalp
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Afet yönetimi için baraj yıkılma analizleri
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Performance of a pumped discharge line with combined application of protection devices against water hammer
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Virtual failure analysis of the Çınarcık Dam
Z Bozkuş, F Bağ
Teknik Dergi 22 (110), 1537-1549, 2011
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