Bernd H. Zinselmeyer
Bernd H. Zinselmeyer
Washington University in St Louis - Assistant Professor at the Department of Pathology üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
TREM2 lipid sensing sustains the microglial response in an Alzheimer’s disease model
Y Wang, M Cella, K Mallinson, JD Ulrich, KL Young, ML Robinette, ...
Cell 160 (6), 1061-1071, 2015
Reversal of the TCR stop signal by CTLA-4
H Schneider, J Downey, A Smith, BH Zinselmeyer, C Rush, JM Brewer, ...
science 313 (5795), 1972-1975, 2006
The lower-generation polypropylenimine dendrimers are effective gene-transfer agents
BH Zinselmeyer, SP Mackay, AG Schatzlein, IF Uchegbu
Pharmaceutical research 19 (7), 960-967, 2002
In vivo two-photon imaging reveals monocyte-dependent neutrophil extravasation during pulmonary inflammation
D Kreisel, RG Nava, W Li, BH Zinselmeyer, B Wang, J Lai, R Pless, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (42), 18073-18078, 2010
PD-1 promotes immune exhaustion by inducing antiviral T cell motility paralysis
BH Zinselmeyer, S Heydari, C Sacristán, D Nayak, M Cammer, J Herz, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 210 (4), 757-774, 2013
Preferential liver gene expression with polypropylenimine dendrimers
AG Schatzlein, BH Zinselmeyer, A Elouzi, C Dufes, YTA Chim, CJ Roberts, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 101 (1-3), 247-258, 2005
In situ characterization of CD4+ T cell behavior in mucosal and systemic lymphoid tissues during the induction of oral priming and tolerance
BH Zinselmeyer, J Dempster, AM Gurney, D Wokosin, M Miller, H Ho, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 201 (11), 1815-1823, 2005
The lymphatic system: integral roles in immunity
GJ Randolph, S Ivanov, BH Zinselmeyer, JP Scallan
Annual review of immunology 35, 31-52, 2017
Bacterial entry to the splenic white pulp initiates antigen presentation to CD8+ T cells
T Aoshi, BH Zinselmeyer, V Konjufca, JN Lynch, X Zhang, Y Koide, ...
Immunity 29 (3), 476-486, 2008
Cutting edge: Acute lung allograft rejection is independent of secondary lymphoid organs
AE Gelman, W Li, SB Richardson, BH Zinselmeyer, J Lai, M Okazaki, ...
The Journal of Immunology 182 (7), 3969-3973, 2009
Intravital 2-photon imaging of leukocyte trafficking in beating heart.
W Li, RG Nava, AC Bribriesco, BH Zinselmeyer, JH Spahn, AE Gelman, ...
Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2012
Evaluation of generation 2 and 3 poly (propylenimine) dendrimers for the potential cellular delivery of antisense oligonucleotides targeting the epidermal growth factor receptor
AJ Hollins, M Benboubetra, Y Omidi, BH Zinselmeyer, AG Schatzlein, ...
Pharmaceutical research 21 (3), 458-466, 2004
Malaria impairs T cell clustering and immune priming despite normal signal 1 from dendritic cells
OR Millington, VB Gibson, CM Rush, BH Zinselmeyer, RS Phillips, ...
PLoS Pathog 3 (10), e143, 2007
The gastric epithelial progenitor cell niche and differentiation of the zymogenic (chief) cell lineage
AJ Bredemeyer, JH Geahlen, VG Weis, WJ Huh, BH Zinselmeyer, ...
Developmental biology 325 (1), 211-224, 2009
Streptolysin S inhibits neutrophil recruitment during the early stages of Streptococcus pyogenes infection
A Lin, JA Loughman, BH Zinselmeyer, MJ Miller, MG Caparon
Infection and immunity 77 (11), 5190-5201, 2009
In vivo dynamics of innate immune sentinels in the CNS
D Nayak, BH Zinselmeyer, KN Corps, DB McGavern
Intravital 1 (2), 95-106, 2012
Central memory CD8+ T lymphocytes mediate lung allograft acceptance
AS Krupnick, X Lin, W Li, R Higashikubo, BH Zinselmeyer, H Hartzler, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 124 (3), 1130-1143, 2014
Video-rate two-photon imaging of mouse footpad–a promising model for studying leukocyte recruitment dynamics during inflammation
BH Zinselmeyer, JN Lynch, X Zhang, T Aoshi, MJ Miller
Inflammation Research 57 (3), 93-96, 2008
Resident macrophages of pancreatic islets have a seminal role in the initiation of autoimmune diabetes of NOD mice
JA Carrero, DP McCarthy, ST Ferris, X Wan, H Hu, BH Zinselmeyer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (48), E10418-E10427, 2017
Two‐photon microscopy and multidimensional analysis of cell dynamics
BH Zinselmeyer, J Dempster, DL Wokosin, JJ Cannon, R Pless, I Parker, ...
Methods in enzymology 461, 349-378, 2009
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