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Rajeev Ranjan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
VIS: A system for verification and synthesis
RK Brayton, GD Hachtel, A Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, F Somenzi, A Aziz, ...
International conference on computer aided verification, 428-432, 1996
System and method for multimedia authoring and playback
M Land, P McConnell, M McMahon
US Patent App. 10/325,898, 2004
Acupressure for prevention of pre‐operative anxiety: a prospective, randomised, placebo controlled study
A Agarwal, R Ranjan, S Dhiraaj, A Lakra, M Kumar, U Singh
Anaesthesia 60 (10), 978-981, 2005
Intravenous lidocaine suppresses fentanyl-induced coughing: a double-blind, prospective, randomized placebo-controlled study
CK Pandey, M Raza, R Ranjan, A Lakra, A Agarwal, U Singh, RB Singh, ...
Anesthesia & Analgesia 99 (6), 1696-1698, 2004
A rainfall prediction model using artificial neural network
K Abhishek, A Kumar, R Ranjan, S Kumar
2012 IEEE Control and System Graduate Research Colloquium, 82-87, 2012
Efficient BDD algorithms for FSM synthesis and verification
RK Ranjan, A Aziz, RK Brayton, B Plessier, C Pixley
IWLS95, Lake Tahoe, CA 253, 254, 1995
Perspective of membrane technology in dairy industry: A review
P Kumar, N Sharma, R Ranjan, S Kumar, ZF Bhat, DK Jeong
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 26 (9), 1347, 2013
Intravenous lidocaine 0.5 mg· kg-1 effectively suppresses fentanyl-induced cough
CK Pandey, M Raza, R Ranjan, V Singhal, M Kumar, A Lakra, DV Navkar, ...
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 52 (2), 172-175, 2005
A performance study of BDD-based model checking
B Yang, RE Bryant, DR O’Hallaron, A Biere, O Coudert, G Janssen, ...
International conference on formal methods in computer-aided design, 255-289, 1998
Software deployment system
K Goger, A Bhatt, S Raghunandan, R Ranjan, A Kumar
US Patent 7,950,010, 2011
Gabapentin provides effective postoperative analgesia whether administered pre-emptively or post-incision
CK Pandey, V Singhal, M Kumar, A Lakra, R Ranjan, R Pal, M Raza, ...
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 52 (8), 827-831, 2005
High performance BDD package by exploiting memory hierarchy
JV Sanghavi, RK Ranjan, RK Brayton, A Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
Proceedings of the 33rd annual Design Automation Conference, 635-640, 1996
HSIS: A BDD-based environment for formal verification
A Aziz, F Balarin, ST Cheng, R Hojati, T Kam, SC Krishnan, RK Ranjan, ...
Proceedings of the 31st annual Design Automation Conference, 454-459, 1994
Curcuma longa as feed additive in broiler birds and its patho-physiological effects
P Kumari, MK Gupta, R Ranjan, KK Singh, R Yadava
CSIR, 2007
Towards more effective training programmes: a study of trainer attributes
P Ghosh, R Satyawadi, JP Joshi, R Ranjan, P Singh
Industrial and commercial training, 2012
A comparison of Presburger engines for EFSM reachability
TR Shiple, JH Kukula, RK Ranjan
International Conference on Computer Aided Verification, 280-292, 1998
Rapid biosensing tools for cancer biomarkers
R Ranjan, EN Esimbekova, VA Kratasyuk
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 87, 918-930, 2017
Evaluating effectiveness of a training programme with trainee reaction
P Ghosh, JP Joshi, R Satyawadi, U Mukherjee, R Ranjan
Industrial and commercial training, 2011
Use of the cefepime-clavulanate ESBL Etest for detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in AmpC co-producing bacteria
S Mohanty, R Gaind, R Ranjan, M Deb
The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 4 (01), 024-029, 2010
Structural transformations in due to residual stress
S Singh, M Maniraj, SW D’Souza, R Ranjan, SR Barman
Applied Physics Letters 96 (8), 081904, 2010
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