Stuart Townley
Stuart Townley
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Wave energy converter control by wave prediction and dynamic programming
G Li, G Weiss, M Mueller, S Townley, MR Belmont
Renewable Energy 48, 392-403, 2012
Existence and learning of oscillations in recurrent neural networks
S Townley, A Ilchmann, MG Weiß, W McClements, AC Ruiz, DH Owens, ...
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 11 (1), 205-214, 2000
The effect of small delays in the feedback loop on the stability of neutral systems
H Logemann, S Townley
Systems & Control Letters 27 (5), 267-274, 1996
A framework for studying transient dynamics of population projection matrix models
I Stott, S Townley, DJ Hodgson
Ecology Letters 14 (9), 959-970, 2011
Well-posedness, stabilizability, and admissibility for Pritchard-Salamon systems
RF Curtain, H Logemann, S Townley, HJ Zwart
Journal of mathematical systems, estimation and control 7 (4), 439-476, 1997
Low-gain control of uncertain regular linear systems
H Logemann, S Townley
SIAM journal on control and optimization 35 (1), 78-116, 1997
Dynamics on networks of cluster states for globally coupled phase oscillators
P Ashwin, G Orosz, J Wordsworth, S Townley
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 6 (4), 728-758, 2007
Robustness of linear systems
AJ Pritchard, S Townley
Journal of Differential Equations 77 (2), 254-286, 1989
Computing invariant manifolds via the continuation of orbit segments
B Krauskopf, HM Osinga
Numerical Continuation Methods for Dynamical Systems, 117-154, 2007
From PDEs with boundary control to the abstract state equation with an unbounded input operator: a tutorial
Z Emirsjlow, S Townley
European Journal of Control 6 (1), 27-49, 2000
Existence, learning, and replication of periodic motions in recurrent neural networks
A Ruiz, DH Owens, S Townley
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 9 (4), 651-661, 1998
Boom or bust? A comparative analysis of transient population dynamics in plants
I Stott, M Franco, D Carslake, S Townley, D Hodgson
Journal of Ecology 98 (2), 302-311, 2010
Methodological insight: linking management changes to population dynamic responses: the transfer function of a projection matrix perturbation
DJ Hodgson, S Townley
Journal of Applied Ecology 41 (6), 1155-1161, 2004
Predicting transient amplification in perturbed ecological systems
S Townley, D Carslake, O Kellie-Smith, D McCarthy, D Hodgson
Journal of Applied Ecology, 1243-1251, 2007
Integral control of linear systems with actuator nonlinearities: lower bounds for the maximal regulating gain
H Logemann, EP Ryan, S Townley
IEEE transactions on automatic control 44 (6), 1315-1319, 1999
Adaptive control of infinite-dimensional systems without parameter estimation: an overview
IMA journal of mathematical control and information 14 (2), 175-206, 1997
Robustness with respect to delays for exponential stability of distributed parameter systems
R Rebarber, S Townley
SIAM journal on control and optimization 37 (1), 230-244, 1998
Discrete-time low-gain control of uncertain infinite-dimensional systems
H Logemann, S Townley
IEEE transactions on automatic control 42 (1), 22-37, 1997
popdemo: an R package for population demography using projection matrix analysis
I Stott, DJ Hodgson, S Townley
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3 (5), 797-802, 2012
Stability of infinite-dimensional sampled-data systems
H Logemann, R Rebarber, S Townley
Transactions of the American mathematical society 355 (8), 3301-3328, 2003
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