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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mesenchymal-stem-cell-induced immunoregulation involves FAS-ligand-/FAS-mediated T cell apoptosis
K Akiyama, C Chen, DD Wang, X Xu, C Qu, T Yamaza, T Cai, WJ Chen, ...
Cell stem cell 10 (5), 544-555, 2012
Mesenchymal stem cell–based tissue regeneration is governed by recipient T lymphocytes via IFN-γ and TNF-α
Y Liu, L Wang, T Kikuiri, K Akiyama, C Chen, X Xu, R Yang, WJ Chen, ...
Nature medicine 17 (12), 1594-1601, 2011
Immunomodulatory properties of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth
T Yamaza, A Kentaro, C Chen, Y Liu, Y Shi, S Gronthos, S Wang, S Shi
Stem cell research & therapy 1 (1), 1-11, 2010
Hydrogen sulfide promotes Tet1-and Tet2-mediated Foxp3 demethylation to drive regulatory T cell differentiation and maintain immune homeostasis
R Yang, C Qu, Y Zhou, JE Konkel, S Shi, Y Liu, C Chen, S Liu, D Liu, ...
Immunity 43 (2), 251-263, 2015
Cell‐based immunotherapy with mesenchymal stem cells cures bisphosphonate‐related osteonecrosis of the jaw–like disease in mice
T Kikuiri, I Kim, T Yamaza, K Akiyama, Q Zhang, Y Li, C Chen, WJ Chen, ...
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 25 (7), 1668-1679, 2010
MSC transplantation improves osteopenia via epigenetic regulation of notch signaling in lupus
S Liu, D Liu, C Chen, K Hamamura, A Moshaverinia, R Yang, Y Liu, Y Jin, ...
Cell metabolism 22 (4), 606-618, 2015
Gingivae contain neural-crest-and mesoderm-derived mesenchymal stem cells
X Xu, C Chen, K Akiyama, Y Chai, AD Le, Z Wang, S Shi
Journal of dental research 92 (9), 825-832, 2013
Bone regeneration potential of stem cells derived from periodontal ligament or gingival tissue sources encapsulated in RGD-modified alginate scaffold
A Moshaverinia, C Chen, X Xu, K Akiyama, S Ansari, HH Zadeh, S Shi
Tissue Engineering Part A 20 (3-4), 611-621, 2014
Effective generation of transgenic pigs and mice by linker based sperm-mediated gene transfer.
K Chang, J Qian, MS Jiang, YH Liu, MC Wu, CD Chen, CK Lai, HL Lo, ...
BMC biotechnology 2 (1), 1-13, 2002
IFN-γ and TNF-α synergistically induce mesenchymal stem cell impairment and tumorigenesis via NFκB signaling
L Wang, Y Zhao, Y Liu, K Akiyama, C Chen, C Qu, Y Jin, S Shi
Stem cells 31 (7), 1383-1395, 2013
Pluronic F-127 hydrogel as a promising scaffold for encapsulation of dental-derived mesenchymal stem cells
I Diniz, C Chen, X Xu, S Ansari, HH Zadeh, MM Marques, S Shi, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 26 (3), 1-10, 2015
Application of stem cells derived from the periodontal ligament or gingival tissue sources for tendon tissue regeneration
A Moshaverinia, X Xu, C Chen, S Ansari, HH Zadeh, ML Snead, S Shi
Biomaterials 35 (9), 2642-2650, 2014
Co-encapsulation of anti-BMP2 monoclonal antibody and mesenchymal stem cells in alginate microspheres for bone tissue engineering
A Moshaverinia, S Ansari, C Chen, X Xu, K Akiyama, ML Snead, ...
Biomaterials 34 (28), 6572-6579, 2013
Alginate hydrogel as a promising scaffold for dental-derived stem cells: an in vitro study
A Moshaverinia, C Chen, K Akiyama, S Ansari, X Xu, WW Chee, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 23 (12), 3041-3051, 2012
IL-17–Mediated M1/M2 Macrophage Alteration Contributes to Pathogenesis of Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the JawsIL-17–Mediated M1/M2 Alterations in BRONJ
Q Zhang, I Atsuta, S Liu, C Chen, S Shi, S Shi, AD Le
Clinical Cancer Research 19 (12), 3176-3188, 2013
Single cell transcriptomics identifies a unique adipose lineage cell population that regulates bone marrow environment
L Zhong, L Yao, RJ Tower, Y Wei, Z Miao, J Park, R Shrestha, L Wang, ...
Elife 9, e54695, 2020
Mouse mandible contains distinctive mesenchymal stem cells
T Yamaza, G Ren, K Akiyama, C Chen, Y Shi, S Shi
Journal of dental research 90 (3), 317-324, 2011
Dental mesenchymal stem cells encapsulated in an alginate hydrogel co-delivery microencapsulation system for cartilage regeneration
A Moshaverinia, X Xu, C Chen, K Akiyama, ML Snead, S Shi
Acta biomaterialia 9 (12), 9343-9350, 2013
Characterization of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells in suspension
K Akiyama, YO You, T Yamaza, C Chen, L Tang, Y Jin, XD Chen, ...
Stem cell research & therapy 3 (5), 1-13, 2012
Circulating apoptotic bodies maintain mesenchymal stem cell homeostasis and ameliorate osteopenia via transferring multiple cellular factors
D Liu, X Kou, C Chen, S Liu, Y Liu, W Yu, T Yu, R Yang, R Wang, Y Zhou, ...
Cell research 28 (9), 918-933, 2018
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