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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Inverted electron-hole alignment in InAs-GaAs self-assembled quantum dots
PW Fry, IE Itskevich, DJ Mowbray, MS Skolnick, JJ Finley, JA Barker, ...
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An enhanced color shift keying modulation scheme for high-speed wireless visible light communications
R Singh, T O’Farrell, JPR David
Journal of Lightwave Technology 32 (14), 2582-2592, 2014
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SA Plimmer, JPR David, DC Herbert, TW Lee, GJ Rees, PA Houston, ...
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AR Mohmad, F Bastiman, CJ Hunter, RD Richards, SJ Sweeney, JS Ng, ...
physica status solidi (b) 251 (6), 1276-1281, 2014
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ARJ Marshall, CH Tan, MJ Steer, JPR David
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Electronic band structure of AlGaInP grown by solid‐source molecular‐beam epitaxy
DJ Mowbray, OP Kowalski, M Hopkinson, MS Skolnick, JPR David
Applied physics letters 65 (2), 213-215, 1994
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