Harry Bloch
Harry Bloch
Professor Economics, Curtin University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Determinants of Innovation
M Bhattacharya, H Bloch
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Impact of crude oil price volatility on economic activities: An empirical investigation in the Thai economy
S Rafiq, R Salim, H Bloch
Resources Policy 34 (3), 121-132, 2009
Coal consumption, CO2 emission and economic growth in China: Empirical evidence and policy responses
H Bloch, S Rafiq, R Salim
Energy Economics 34 (2), 518-528, 2012
Economic growth with coal, oil and renewable energy consumption in China: Prospects for fuel substitution
H Bloch, S Rafiq, R Salim
Economic Modelling 44, 104-115, 2015
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MO Wirth, H Bloch
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Suyanto, RA Salim, H Bloch
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Productivity in the Mining Industry: Measurement and Interpretation
V Topp, L Soames, D Parham, H Bloch
Australian Productivity Commission, 2008
Advertising and profitability: a reappraisal
H Bloch
Journal of Political Economy 82 (2, Part 1), 267-286, 1974
Whither the terms of trade? An elaboration of the Prebisch-Singer hypothesis
H Bloch, D Sapsford
Cambridge Journal of Economics 24 (4), 461-481, 2000
The role of financial development in economic growth
H Bloch, SHK Tang
Progress in Development Studies 3 (3), 243-251, 2003
Economies of scale and scope in Australian telecommunications
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H Bloch
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RA Salim, H Bloch
Applied Economics 41 (3), 351-361, 2009
The dynamics of industrial concentration in Australian manufacturing
M Bhattacharya, H Bloch
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Foreign Direct Investment Spillovers and Productivity Growth in Indonesian Garment and Electronics Manufacturing
Suyanto, H Bloch, RA Salim
Journal of Development Studies 48 (10), 1397-1411, 2012
Explaining commodity prices through asymmetric oil shocks: Evidence from nonlinear models
S Rafiq, H Bloch
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Financial performance of commercial banks in the post-reform era: Further evidence from Bangladesh
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Economic Analysis and Policy 58, 43-54, 2018
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Determinants of renewable energy adoption in China and India: a comparative analysis
S Rafiq, H Bloch, R Salim
Applied Economics 46 (22), 2700-2710, 2014
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