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Nima Ghorbani
Nima Ghorbani
Full Professor of Psychology, University of Tehran
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Examining the factor structure of the Self-Compassion Scale in 20 diverse samples: Support for use of a total score and six subscale scores.
KD Neff, I Tóth-Király, LM Yarnell, K Arimitsu, P Castilho, N Ghorbani, ...
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N Ghorbani, PJ Watson, MB Hargis
The Journal of Psychology 142 (4), 395-412, 2008
Self-compassion in Iranian Muslims: Relationships with integrative self-knowledge, mental health, and religious orientation
N Ghorbani, PJ Watson, Z Chen, F Norballa
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Mindfulness in Iran and the United States: Cross-cultural structural complexity and parallel relationships with psychological adjustment
N Ghorbani, PJ Watson, BL Weathington
Current Psychology 28, 211-224, 2009
Individualist and collectivist values: Evidence of compatibility in Iran and the United States
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The ubiquity of common method variance: The case of the Big Five
MD Biderman, NT Nguyen, CJL Cunningham, N Ghorbani
Journal of Research in Personality 45 (5), 417-429, 2011
Analysis of 100% renewable energy for Iran in 2030: integrating solar PV, wind energy and storage
A Aghahosseini, D Bogdanov, N Ghorbani, C Breyer
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 15, 17-36, 2018
Comparative analysis of integrative self‐knowledge, mindfulness, and private self‐consciousness in predicting responses to stress in Iran
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PJ Watson, N Ghorbani, HK Davison, MN Bing, RW Hood Jr, ...
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Theoretical, empirical, and potential ideological dimensions of using Western conceptualizations to measure Muslim religious commitments
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Relationship of perceived stress with depression: Complete mediation by perceived control and anxiety in Iran and the United States
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Personality, stress and mental health: evidence of relationships in a sample of Iranian managers
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Self-compassion and cultural values: A cross-cultural study of self-compassion using a multitrait-multimethod (MTMM) analytical procedure
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N Ghorbani, PJ Watson, F Hamzavy, BL Weathington
Current Psychology 29, 135-143, 2010
Measuring Muslim spirituality: Relationships of Muslim experiential religiousness with religious and psychological adjustment in Iran
N Ghorbani, PJ Watson, S Geranmayepour, Z Chen
Journal of Muslim Mental Health 8 (1), 2014
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