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Jie Qiao
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
OMEGA EP high-energy petawatt laser: progress and prospects
DN Maywar, JH Kelly, LJ Waxer, SFB Morse, IA Begishev, J Bromage, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 112 (3), 032007, 2008
Large-aperture grating tiling by interferometry for petawatt chirped-pulse-amplification systems
J Qiao, A Kalb, MJ Guardalben, G King, D Canning, JH Kelly
Optics Express 15 (15), 9562-9574, 2007
Demonstration of large-aperture tiled-grating compressors for high-energy, petawatt-class, chirped-pulse amplification systems
J Qiao, A Kalb, T Nguyen, J Bunkenburg, D Canning, JH Kelly
Optics letters 33 (15), 1684-1686, 2008
Dispersion-enhanced volume hologram for dense wavelength-division demultiplexer
J Qiao, F Zhao, J Liu, RT Chen
IEEE photonics technology letters 12 (8), 1070-1072, 2000
OPCPA front end and contrast optimization for the OMEGA EP kilojoule, picosecond laser
C Dorrer, A Consentino, D Irwin, J Qiao, JD Zuegel
Journal of Optics 17 (9), 094007, 2015
Reliable grating-based wavelength division (de) multiplexers for optical networks
F Zhao, J Qiao, X Deng, J Zou, B Guo, R Collins, VI Villavicencio, ...
Optical Engineering 40 (7), 1204-1211, 2001
High-efficiency femtosecond ablation of silicon with GHz repetition rate laser source
K Mishchik, G Bonamis, J Qiao, J Lopez, E Audouard, E Mottay, ...
Optics Letters 44 (9), 2193-2196, 2019
Integrating two-temperature and classical heat accumulation models to predict femtosecond laser processing of silicon
LL Taylor, RE Scott, J Qiao
Optical Materials Express 8 (3), 648-658, 2018
Athermalized low-loss echelle-grating-based multimode dense wavelength division demultiplexer
J Qiao, F Zhao, RT Chen, JW Horwitz, WW Morey
Applied Optics 41 (31), 6567-6575, 2002
Optimization of femtosecond laser processing of silicon via numerical modeling
JQ L. Taylor, J. Qiao
Optics Materials Express 6 (9), 2745-2758, 2016
In situ detection and analysis of laser-induced damage on a 1.5-m multilayer-dielectric grating compressor for high-energy, petawatt-class laser systems
J Qiao, AW Schmid, LJ Waxer, T Nguyen, J Bunkenburg, C Kingsley, ...
Optics Express 18 (10), 10423-10431, 2010
Performance of and initial results from the OMEGA EP Laser System
DD Meyerhofer, J Bromage, C Dorrer, JH Kelly, BE Kruschwitz, SJ Loucks, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 244 (3), 032010, 2010
Optical differentiation wavefront sensing with binary pixelated transmission filters
J Qiao, Z Mulhollan, C Dorrer
Optics Express 24 (9), 9266-9279, 2016
Femtosecond laser polishing of germanium
LL Taylor, J Xu, M Pomerantz, TR Smith, JC Lambropoulos, J Qiao
Optical Materials Express 9 (11), 4165-4177, 2019
Spatio-temporal modeling and optimization of a deformable-grating compressor for short high-energy laser pulses
J Qiao, J Papa, X Liu
Optics express 23 (20), 25923-25934, 2015
Pulse-propagation modeling and experiment for femtosecond-laser writing of waveguide in Nd: YAG
T Feng, PK Sahoo, FR Arteaga-Sierra, C Dorrer, J Qiao
Crystals 9 (8), 434, 2019
Thermally compensated wavelength division demultiplexer and multiplexer and method of fabrication thereof
JW Horwitz, J Qiao, F Zhao, KK Chang
US Patent 6,545,826, 2003
Wavelength division multiplexers/demultiplexers for optical interconnects in massively parallel processing
F Zhao, Y Zhang, J Zou, Z Shi, B Bihari, X Deng, J Qiao, Z Shi, RT Chen
Optical Engineering 42 (1), 273-280, 2003
Measuring 8–250 ps short pulses using a high-speed streak camera on kilojoule, petawatt-class laser systems
J Qiao, PA Jaanimagi, R Boni, J Bromage, E Hill
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (7), 073104, 2013
32-channel 100-GHz-spaced demultiplexer for metropolitan area networks
J Qiao, F Zhao, JW Horwitz, RT Chen
Optical Engineering 40 (7), 1255-1259, 2001
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