Insoo Hwang
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A holistic view on hyper-dense heterogeneous and small cell networks
I Hwang, B Song, SS Soliman
IEEE Communications Magazine 51 (6), 20-27, 2013
Method and system for transmitting data in a communication system
SJ Kim, HJ Kim, JH Lee, HJ Kwon, J Li, YX Zhou, IS Hwang, KB Lee, ...
US Patent 7,729,442, 2010
Apparatus and method for supporting a plurality of MIMO modes in a wireless communication system
IS Hwang, Y Kim, M Cho
US Patent 8,098,752, 2012
Interference aware-coordinated beamforming in a multi-cell system
CB Chae, I Hwang, RW Heath, V Tarokh
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 11 (10), 3692-3703, 2012
Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in multi-antenna system
IS Hwang, JH Kwun, J Andrews, K Jin-Sam, S Shim, R Heath
US Patent 8,135,349, 2012
Precoder and precoding method in a multi-antenna system
IS Hwang, JH Kwun, SJ Shim, CB Chae, R Heath
US Patent 8,204,142, 2012
Automated blind coefficient control in analog active interference cancellation
I Hwang, S Bongyong, SS Soliman, C Nguyen
US Patent App. 14/459,595, 2016
Interference aware-coordinated beamforming system in a two-cell environment
CB Chae, I Hwang, RW Heath Jr, V Tarokh
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communicationscted Areas in Communications, 2009
Apparatus and method for determining transmit/receive antenna in communication system using multiple antennas
IS Hwang, CW You, S Nam, Y Kim, T Vahid
US Patent App. 11/603,651, 2007
Communication system with adaptive handover controller and method of operation thereof
I Hwang, J Lee, H Roh, I Kang
US Patent 9,277,467, 2016
Multicell cooperative systems with multiple receive antennas
I Hwang, CB Chae, J Lee, RW Heath
IEEE wireless communications 20 (1), 50-58, 2013
Method and apparatus for scheduling multiple users in a communication system
YS Kim, IS Hwang, YH Jung, M Cho, HM Kim, TS Kang, WG Ahn, DH Kim
US Patent 8,068,471, 2011
Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in multi-antenna system
IS Hwang, Y Kim, M Cho, ES Ko, V Tarokh
US Patent 8,238,471, 2012
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a communication system
MG Cho, S Kim, HJ Kim, IS Hwang
US Patent App. 11/645,415, 2008
Biomimetic catalytic transformation of toxic α-oxoaldehydes to high-value chiral α-hydroxythioesters using artificial glyoxalase I
SY Park, IS Hwang, HJ Lee, CE Song
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-8, 2017
Hydrophobic chirality amplification in confined water cages
CE Song, SJ Park, IS Hwang, MJ Jung, SY Shim, HY Bae, JY Jung
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-9, 2019
Apparatus and method for beamforming with limited feedforward channel in multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
IS Hwang, JH Kwun, D Mazzarese, R Heath, CB Chae
US Patent 8,284,863, 2012
A practical transmit beamforming strategy for closed‐loop MIMO communication
S Cho, I Hwang, V Tarokh, C You
International Journal of Communication Systems 25 (8), 1091-1099, 2012
Iterative coordinated beamforming systems and methods
I Hwang, S Bongyong
US Patent 9,467,871, 2016
Self-interference cancellation using digital filter and auxiliary receiver
I Hwang, S Bongyong, J Hur
US Patent App. 14/679,937, 2016
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