Zhenqiang Shi  (施振强)
Zhenqiang Shi (施振强)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Graphene oxide based heparin-mimicking and hemocompatible polymeric hydrogels for versatile biomedical applications
C He, ZQ Shi, L Ma, C Cheng, CX Nie, M Zhou, CS Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (4), 592-602, 2015
A Water‐Processable and Bioactive Multivalent Graphene Nanoink for Highly Flexible Bioelectronic Films and Nanofibers
C Cheng, J Zhang, S Li, Y Xia, C Nie, Z Shi, JL Cuellar‐Camacho, N Ma, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (5), 1705452, 2018
Host–Guest Self-Assembly Toward Reversible Thermoresponsive Switching for Bacteria Killing and Detachment
ZQ Shi, YT Cai, J Deng, WF Zhao, CS Zhao
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (36), 23523-23532, 2016
Nanofibrous membranes with surface migration of functional groups for ultrafast wastewater remediation
Y Xu, D Yuan, J Bao, Y Xie, M He, Z Shi, S Chen, C He, W Zhao, C Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (27), 13359-13372, 2018
Graphene oxide and sulfonated polyanion co-doped hydrogel films for dual-layered membranes with superior hemocompatibility and antibacterial activity
C He, ZQ Shi, C Cheng, HQ Lu, M Zhou, SD Sun, CS Zhao
Biomaterials science 4 (10), 1431-1440, 2016
Reinforced-Concrete Structured Hydrogel Microspheres with Ultrahigh Mechanical Strength, Restricted Water Uptake, and Superior Adsorption Capacity
H Ji, X Song, Z Shi, C Tang, L Xiong, W Zhao, C Zhao
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (5), 5950-5958, 2018
Engineering polyethersulfone hollow fiber membrane with improved blood compatibility and antibacterial property
ZQ Shi, HF Ji, HC Yu, XL Huang, WF Zhao, SD Sun, CS Zhao
Colloid and Polymer Science 294 (2), 441-453, 2016
Engineering of tannic acid inspired antifouling and antibacterial membranes through co-deposition of zwitterionic polymers and Ag nanoparticles
Y Xie, S Chen, X Zhang, Z Shi, Z Wei, J Bao, W Zhao, C Zhao
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 58 (27), 11689-11697, 2019
Multi-responsive, tough and reversible hydrogels with tunable swelling property
M Zhang, R Wang, Z Shi, X Huang, W Zhao, C Zhao
Journal of hazardous materials 322, 499-507, 2017
Robust, highly elastic and bioactive heparin-mimetic hydrogels
C He, C Cheng, HF Ji, ZQ Shi, L Ma, M Zhou, CS Zhao
Polymer Chemistry 6 (45), 7893-7901, 2015
Engineering of hemocompatible and antifouling polyethersulfone membranes by blending with heparin-mimicking microgels
H Ji, L Xiong, Z Shi, M He, W Zhao, C Zhao
Biomaterials science 5 (6), 1112-1121, 2017
In situ cross-linked polymerization toward poly (ether sulfone)/poly (sodium acrylate) hybrid particles for the removal of environmental toxins
ZQ Shi, XL Huang, C Wang, YF Li, C He, CS Zhao
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (36), 14084-14093, 2014
Inflammation-responsive self-regulated drug release from ultrathin hydrogel coating
M He, Q Wang, Z Shi, Y Xie, W Zhao, C Zhao
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 158, 518-526, 2017
One-step electrospinning of negatively-charged polyethersulfone nanofibrous membranes for selective removal of cationic dyes
S Chen, Y Du, X Zhang, Y Xie, Z Shi, H Ji, W Zhao, C Zhao
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 82, 179-188, 2018
A facile approach towards amino-coated ferroferric oxide nanoparticles for environmental pollutant removal
R Dai, Y Zhang, ZQ Shi, F Yang, CS Zhao
Journal of colloid and interface science 513, 647-657, 2018
Highly swellable and biocompatible graphene/heparin-analogue hydrogels for implantable drug and protein delivery
C He, ZQ Shi, C Cheng, CX Nie, M Zhou, LR Wang, CS Zhao
Rsc Advances 6 (76), 71893-71904, 2016
Engineering antimicrobial and biocompatible electrospun PLGA fibrous membranes by irradiation grafting polyvinylpyrrolidone and periodate
J Wang, C Peng, Z Chen, S Sun, Z Shi, L Jin, W Zhao, C Zhao
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 181, 918-926, 2019
Intelligent antibacterial surface based on ionic liquid molecular brushes for bacteria killing and releasing
L Jin, ZQ Shi, X Zhang, X Liu, H lin Li, J Wang, F Liang, W Zhao, CS Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2019
Anticoagulant chitosan-kappa-carrageenan composite hydrogel sorbent for simultaneous endotoxin and bacteria cleansing in septic blood
Y Li, J Li, Z Shi, Y Wang, X Song, L Wang, M Han, H Du, C He, W Zhao, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 243, 116470, 2020
Urease immobilized GO core@ shell heparin-mimicking polymer beads with safe and effective urea removal for blood purification
J Zhang, Z Shi, C He, X Song, Y Yang, S Sun, W Zhao, C Zhao
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 156, 1503-1511, 2020
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