Aggelos Avramopoulos
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The dipole moment, polarizabilities, and first hyperpolarizabilities of HArF. A computational and comparative study
A Avramopoulos, H Reis, J Li, MG Papadopoulos
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (19), 6179-6184, 2004
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of [60] fullerene derivatives
O Loboda, R Zalesny, A Avramopoulos, JM Luis, B Kirtman, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (6), 1159-1170, 2009
Electronic and vibrational polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities of azoles: a comparative study of the structure− polarization relationship
K Jug, S Chiodo, P Calaminici, A Avramopoulos, MG Papadopoulos
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 107 (20), 4172-4183, 2003
Electronic and vibrational contributions to first hyperpolarizability of donor–acceptor-substituted azobenzene
R Zaleśny, IW Bulik, W Bartkowiak, JM Luis, A Avramopoulos, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (24), 244308, 2010
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of a series of Ni-dithiolene derivatives
L Serrano-Andrés, A Avramopoulos, J Li, P Labéguerie, D Bégué, V Kellö, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 131 (13), 134312, 2009
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of triphenylamine-functionalized C 60: insights from theory and experiment
R Zaleśny, O Loboda, K Iliopoulos, G Chatzikyriakos, S Couris, G Rotas, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (2), 373-381, 2010
Performance of density functional theory in computing nonresonant vibrational (hyper) polarizabilities
IW Bulik, R Zaleśny, W Bartkowiak, JM Luis, B Kirtman, GE Scuseria, ...
Journal of computational chemistry 34 (20), 1775-1784, 2013
Static electronic and vibrational first hyperpolarizability of meta-dinitrobenzene as studied by quantum chemical calculations
R Zaleśny, G Wójcik, I Mossakowska, W Bartkowiak, A Avramopoulos, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 907 (1-3), 46-50, 2009
Tailoring colors by O annulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
T Miletić, A Fermi, I Orfanos, A Avramopoulos, F De Leo, N Demitri, ...
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 23 (10), 2363, 2017
Strong interactions through the X⋯ Au–Y bridge: the Au bond?
A Avramopoulos, MG Papadopoulos, AJ Sadlej
Chemical physics letters 370 (5-6), 765-769, 2003
Advantages and limitations of classic and 3D QSAR approaches in nano-QSAR studies based on biological activity of fullerene derivatives
K Jagiello, M Grzonkowska, M Swirog, L Ahmed, B Rasulev, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 18 (9), 1-16, 2016
Calculation of the microscopic and macroscopic linear and nonlinear optical properties of acetonitrile: I. Accurate molecular properties in the gas phase and susceptibilities …
H Reis, MG Papadopoulos, A Avramopoulos
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 107 (19), 3907-3917, 2003
Vibrational corrections to electric properties of relativistic molecules: The coinage metal hydrides
A Avramopoulos, VE Ingamells, MG Papadopoulos, AJ Sadlej
The Journal of Chemical Physics 114 (1), 198-210, 2001
Electronic and vibrational linear and nonlinear polarizabilities of Li@C60 and [Li@C60]+
H Reis, O Loboda, A Avramopoulos, MG Papadopoulos, B Kirtman, ...
Journal of computational chemistry 32 (5), 908-914, 2011
Size-dependent electronic properties of nanomaterials: how this novel class of nanodescriptors supposed to be calculated?
K Jagiello, B Chomicz, A Avramopoulos, A Gajewicz, A Mikolajczyk, ...
Structural Chemistry 28 (3), 635-643, 2017
Theoretical modelling of photoswitching of hyperpolarisabilities in ruthenium complexes
BJ Coe, A Avramopoulos, MG Papadopoulos, K Pierloot, S Vancoillie, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (47), 15955-15963, 2013
Elucidation of conformational states, dynamics, and mechanism of binding in human κ-opioid receptor complexes
G Leonis, A Avramopoulos, RE Salmas, S Durdagi, M Yurtsever, ...
Journal of chemical information and modeling 54 (8), 2294-2308, 2014
Structural and static electric response properties of highly symmetric lithiated silicon cages: Theoretical predictions
EN Koukaras, AD Zdetsis, P Karamanis, C Pouchan, A Avramopoulos, ...
Journal of computational chemistry 33 (10), 1068-1079, 2012
The (hyper) polarizabilities of AuXeF and XeAuF
F Holka, A Avramopoulos, O Loboda, V Kellö, MG Papadopoulos
Chemical Physics Letters 472 (4-6), 185-189, 2009
A comparative study of the dipole polarizability of some Zn clusters
MG Papadopoulos, H Reis, A Avramopoulos, S Erkoç, L Amirouche
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (40), 18822-18830, 2005
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