Steve Lustig
Steve Lustig
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
DNA-assisted dispersion and separation of carbon nanotubes
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Peptides with selective affinity for carbon nanotubes
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Long range interactions in nanoscale science
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Method for providing nano-structures of uniform length
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Synthesis of cyclic oligoesters and their rapid polymerization to high molecular weight
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The Role of Cross‐links, Entanglements, and Relaxations of the Macromolecular Carrier in the Diffusional Release of Biologically Active Materialsa Conceptual …
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NA Peppas, SR Lustig
Hydrogels in medicine and pharmacy, 57-84, 2019
Stimuli-responsive polymers. 5. Azobenzene modified polyaramides containing atropisomeric binaphthyl linkages: tuning chiroptical behavior with light and heat
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Phase Behavior of CO2 in Room‐Temperature Ionic Liquid 1‐Ethyl‐3‐Ethylimidazolium Acetate
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