Ge Guo
Ge Guo
Dalian Maritime University, Dalian University of Technology, Lanzhou University of Technology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A distributed event-triggered transmission strategy for sampled-data consensus of multi-agent systems
G Guo, L Ding, QL Han
Automatica 50 (5), 1489-1496, 2014
Network-based leader-following consensus for distributed multi-agent systems
L Ding, QL Han, G Guo
Automatica 49 (7), 2281-2286, 2013
300-ghz inaln/gan hemts with ingan back barrier
DS Lee, X Gao, S Guo, D Kopp, P Fay, T Palacios
IEEE Electron Device Letters 32 (11), 1525-1527, 2011
Autonomous platoon control allowing range-limited sensors
G Guo, W Yue
IEEE Transactions on vehicular technology 61 (7), 2901-2912, 2012
Thermal deformation analysis of various electronic packaging products by moiré and microscopic moiré interferometry
B Han, Y Guo
Fault Detection for Networked Mechanical Spring-Mass Systems With Incomplete Information
H Yan, F Qian, H Zhang, F Yang, G Guo
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 63 (9), 5622-5631, 2016
Hierarchical platoon control with heterogeneous information feedback
G Guo, W Yue
IET control theory & applications 5 (15), 1766-1781, 2011
Event-Based Distributed Filtering Networks of 2-DOF Quarter-Car Suspension Systems
H Zhang, Q Hong, H Yan, F Yang, G Guo
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 13 (1), 312-321, 2016
Sampled-data cooperative adaptive cruise control of vehicles with sensor failures
G Guo, W Yue
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 15 (6), 2404 - 2418, 2014
Sampled-data leader-following consensus for nonlinear multi-agent systems with Markovian switching topologies and communication delay
L Ding, G Guo
Journal of the Franklin Institute 352 (1), 369-383, 2015
Communication scheduling and control of a platoon of vehicles in VANETs
G Guo, S Wen
IEEE Transactions on intelligent transportation systems 17 (6), 1551-1563, 2015
Linear systems with medium-access constraint and Markov actuator assignment
G Guo
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 57 (11), 2999-3010, 2010
Control with Markov sensors/actuators assignment
G Guo, Z Lu, QL Han
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 57 (7), 1799-1804, 2011
A switching system approach to actuator assignment with limited channels
G Guo, H Jin
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 20 (12), 1407-1426, 2010
Stochastic coding detection scheme in cyber-physical systems against replay attack
D Ye, TY Zhang, G Guo
Information Sciences 481, 432-444, 2019
Resilience enhancement of distribution grids against extreme weather events
S Ma, L Su, Z Wang, F Qiu, G Guo
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 33 (5), 4842-4853, 2018
Distributed Sampled-Data Filtering for Sensor Networks With Nonuniform Sampling Periods
WA Zhang, H Dong, G Guo, L Yu
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 10 (2), 871-881, 2014
A switching system approach to sensor and actuator assignment for stabilisation via limited multi-packet transmitting channels
G Guo
International Journal of Control 84 (1), 78-93, 2011
Event-triggered leader-following consensus for multi-agent systems with semi-Markov switching topologies
J Dai, G Guo
Information Sciences 459, 290-301, 2018
Distributed event-triggered H∞ consensus filtering in sensor networks
L Ding, G Guo
Signal Processing 108, 365-375, 2015
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